"This sacred Synod exhorts all the Catholic faithful to recognize the signs of the times and to participate skillfully in the work of ecumenism"

Vatican II: Decree on Ecumenism



Decree on Ecumenism Vatican II
That All May Be One Pope John Paul II
Fourth Centenary of the Union of Brest Pope John Paul II
Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Interconfessional Dialogues Centro Pro Unione
Dialogue with the Orthodox Churches of Byzantine Tradition Official Vatican Dialogue
Documents Produced by the North American Orthodox - Catholic Theological Consultation
Dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox Churches Official Vatican Dialogue
Recent Efforts for Unity Between the Two Families of the Orthodox Church
Dialogue with the Assyrian Church of the East Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with the Churches and Ecclesial Communities of the West Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with the International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Union of Utrecht Official Vatican Dialogue
Anglican Communion Official Vatican Dialogue
Lutheran World Federation Official Vatican Dialogue
World Methodist Council Official Vatican Dialogue
World Alliance of Reformed Churches Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with the Baptist World Alliance Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with the Christian Church - Disciples of Christ Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with Pentecostals Official Vatican Dialogue
Dialogue with the Evangelicals Official Vatican Dialogue
Multilateral dialogues Official Vatican Dialogue
World Council of Churches Official Vatican Dialogue
Mennonite World Conference Official Vatican Dialogue
A People Made One Catholic Conference of Kentucky
Statement of the Ecumenical Dialogue of Third World Theologians
On Truth, Unity and Peace Pope John XXIII
On Religious Unity Pope Pius XI
Unto the Churches of Christ Everywhere Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople
Ecumenical Documents Prairie Centre for Ecumenism

Guidelines for Catholics in Local Ecumenical Partnerships, Department of Dialogue and Unity, Committee for Christian Unity, Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales:
Leaflet 1: Single Congregation Local Ecumenical Partnership
Leaflet 2: Congregations in Covenanted Partnerships
Leaflet 3: Shared Buildings
Leaflet 4: Chaplaincy Partnerships
Leaflet 5: Mission Partnerships
Leaflet 6: Educational Partnerships


Articles from the Vatican website
Unity a Moral Imperative Pope Benedict XVI
Address of Benedict XVI to the members of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue Between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church
Spiritual Ecumenism: The Inescapable Way Forward H.E. Msgr. Brian Farrell, L.C.
"Ecumenism of Holiness": Pilgrimage at the Beginning of the Third Millennium. Pastoral Reflections Archbishop Agostino Marchetto
"Ecumenism of Holiness" -- Pilgrimage at the Beginning of the Third Millennium H.E. Msgr. Séamus Hegarty, Bishop of Derry, Ireland
Present Situation and Future of the Ecumenical Movement Cardinal Walter Kasper
The Holy Spirit's presence among other Christians Eleuterio F. Fortino
Ecumenical Cooperation in Jerusalem Kamal-Hanna Batish
The Ecumenism of the New Martyrs Josef L. Maj
The Reception of Vatican II's Teaching on Ecumenism into the Life of the Catholic Church William Henn-
The Holy Spirit and the Ecumenism Paul-Werner Scheele and Eleuterio F. Fortino

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
Faith: the substance of things to be hoped for Gerard Kilroy
Paul and Christian Disunity Nicholas King SJ
St Paul and Ecumenism Bishop John Arnold
St Paul and Ecumenism Bishop John Arnold
The Conversion of Saint Paul Gerard W Hughes SJ
Our Ecumenical Hopes: Where Are They Now? Michael Hurley SJ
Dialogue and the Church -- Part One Paul D. Murray
Dialogue and the Church -- Part Two Paul D. Murray
Dialogue and the Church -- Part Three Paul D. Murray
Our Ecumenical Hopes - Where Are They Now? Michael Hurley SJ

Articles by Andrew Thomas Kania in Catholica
Healing the Division between East & West
The Ground Rules for Ecumenical Dialogue
Eggs That Seek to Penetrate the Mystery of the Cosmos

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
That They May Be One: An Interchurch Marriage Ruth Reardon
Unity in Difference: Spiritual Challenges in Interchurch Family Life Ruth Reardon
Without Justification? The Catholic-Lutheran Joint Declaration and its Protestant Critics Ian Taylor
The Church and the Churches Tom Layden
Ecclesial Religious Communities Old and New Ellen M. Leonard
Confessionalism, Ecumenism and the Christian Churches Benjamin Wood Westervelt
The Church and the Churches: Recent Roman Catholic Ecclesial Trends Elizabeth Lord
Come, Holy Spirit: Renew the Whole Creation: Theological Issues Arising at the Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches Ellen Leonard
John Wesley and the Methodist System Gordon S. Wakefield
Unity in Faith Peter Cornwell
Unity and Diversity: A Meditation Ladislas Örsy
Intercommunion I John Coventry
Intercommunion II John Coventry
Intercommunion III John Coventry
The Church and the Churches Edward Yarnold
Ecumenical Prospects Archbishop Michael Ramsey
The Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine III James Quinn
Ecumenical Communication John Coventry
The Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine I James Quinn
The Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine II James Quinn
The Sacrament of Unity: Intercommunion and Some Forgotten Truths Michael Hurley
I Believe in One Church Bernard Leeming
The Spirit of Unity Ruth Slade

Articles in Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America
"...And Followed Him on the Way" (Mk 10:52): Identity, Difference, and the Play of Discipleship Anthony J. Godzieba
Ecumenical Dialogue: The Next Generation Margaret O'Gara
Bishops, Ministry, and the Unity of the Church in Ecumenical Dialogue: Deadlock, Breakthrough, or Both? Michael Root
Intercommunion: Protestant Attitudes and Policies Toivo Harjunpaa
Principles of Intercommunion Francis J. Buckley
Original Sin in Ecumenical Perspective Warren F. Groff
Development of Doctrine: Aid or Barrier to Christian Unity? Frederick E. Crowe
Separated Christian Churches and Communities in the Mystery of Salvation Robert E. Hunt
The Church, the synagogue, and the ecumenical movement Edward H. Flannery
Problems in a theology of ecumenism Robert McAfee Brown
Theology of ecumenism Daniel J. O'Hanlon
Communicatio IN Sacris: Present Trends John Prah, O.C.D .
Faith and Order on Unity of Doctrine William C. Topmoeller
The Orthodox Church John Meyendorff
The Protestant Concept of the Church: An Ecumenical Consensus Jaroslav Pelikan
The Ecumenical Movement Edward F. Hanahoe
The Current Protestant Critique of Catholicism in the United States Eugene M. Burke

Articles in Word & World, a quarterly journal of theology, published by the faculty of Luther Seminary
Challenging Identity and Crossing Borders: Unity in the Church of South India George Oommen
Ecumenism as the Shared Practice of a Peculiar Identity Walter Brueggemann
Does Ecumenism Have a Future? Walter Sundberg
Living in the Shadow of the Manger: Mission, Ecumenism, and the World's Children Margaret Eletta Guider
The Church of the Future and the Prospects for Ecumenism Timothy F. Lull
The Ecumenical Significance of Evangelium Vitae Paul J. Wojda
The Goal of Ecumenism Carl A. Volz
Whither Lutheranism?... Summer 1991 issue of Word & World
Ecumenical Vision and Evangelical Imagination Lee E. Snook
Emerging Ecumenical Issues in Worship Horace T. Allen, Jr.
Civil Religion and the Ecumenical Endeavor Craig M. Watts
Lutherans in Dialogue: Basic Differences? Marc Kolden
Ministry, Management, and the Ecumenical Movement Gary M. Simpson

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
Ecumenical pilgrimage toward World Christianity Edmund Kee-Fook Chia
Tactical ecumenism Benjamin Durheim, David Farina Turnbloom
Creation as an ecumenical problem: renewed belief through green experience Thomas Hughson
The spiritual exercises as an ecumenical strategy Roger Haight
The ecumenical significance of eucharistic conversion Robert J. Daly, Gary Macy, Jill Raitt
Toward Full Communion: Faith and Order and Catholic Ecumenism Jeffrey Gros
Roman Catholic Theologies of Eucharistic Communion: A Contribution to Ecumenical Conversation David N. Power
Viewing Justification through Calvin's Eyes: An Ecumenical Experiment William M. Thompson
Charism in the Early Church since Rudolph Sohm: An Ecumenical Challenge Enrique Nardoni
Come Holy Spirit, Renew the Whole Creation: Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches Michael E. Putney
Newman, Conversion, and Ecumenism Avery Dulles
Recent Lutheran Studies Donald K. McKim
Orthodox Ecumenism and Theology: 1978-1983 Michael A. Fahey
"Leise Treten": An Irenic Ecumenical Hermeneutic Robert Kress
Corporate Reunion: A Nineteenth-Century Dilemma Vincent Alan McClelland
The Anglican-Roman Catholic Agreed Statements and Their Reception George H. Tavard
Roman Catholic Recognition of the Augsburg Confession Richard Penaskovic
After Six Hundred Years: The Great Western Schism, Conciliarism, and Constance Thomas E. Morrissey
Orthodox Ecumenism and Theology 1970-78 Michael A. Fahey
Our Unity in Faith P. De Letter
"Ius divinum" as an Ecumenical Problem Avery Dulles
Faith and Order in Ghana Gerald O'Collins
The Foundation of the Church: Biblical Criticism for Ecumenical Discussion Aelred Cody
Ministry and Intercommunion: Recent Ecumenical Statements and Debates Avery Dulles
Faith and Order at Louvain Avery Dulles
The Church, the Churches, and the Catholic Church Avery Dulles
"Hierarchia Veritatum": A Preliminary Investigation George H. Tavard
Toward an Ecumenical Ecclesiology J. Robert Nelson
Martin Luther and the Bull "Exsurge Domine" Hans J. Hillerbrand
Ecumenism and Spirituality: A Protestant Perspective Egon W. Gerdes
Dogma as an Ecumenical Problem Avery Dulles
Lambeth '68: A Roman Catholic Theological Reflection Herbert J. Ryan
Changes in the Understanding of Luther: The Development of the Young Luther Kenneth G. Hagen
The Ninety-five Theses of Martin Luther: 1517-1967 Robert E. McNally
Martin Luther's Treatise on Indulgences Jared Wicks
A Lutheran Theologian Looks at the Ninety-five Theses in 1967 Arthur Darl Piepkorn
Historical Thought and the Reform Crisis of the Early Sixteenth Century John W. O'Malley
Current Accents in Luther Study: 1960-67 Lewis W. Spitz
The Twentieth-century Church of England: Reflections on a Recent Study Eric McDermott
Roman Catholic Theologies of Eucharistic Communion: A Contribution to Ecumenical Conversation David N. Power
Viewing Justification through Calvin's Eyes: An Ecumenical Experiment William M. Thompson
Charism in the Early Church since Rudolph Sohm: An Ecumenical Challenge Enrique Nardoni
Come Holy Spirit, Renew the Whole Creation: Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches Michael E. Putney
Newman, Conversion, and Ecumenism Avery Dulles
Development of Doctrine and the Ecumenical Problem Frederick E. Crowe
Toward Full Communion: Faith and Order and Catholic Ecumenism Jeffrey Gros
Protestantism as a Catholic Concern Gustave Weigel
The Orthodox Churches on Anglican Orders James L. Monks
Relations Between Anglicans and Orthodox: Their Theological Development James L. Monks
Co-operation: Some Further Views John Courtney Murray
Intercredal Co-operation in the Papal Documents Wilfrid Parsons
Intercredal Co-operation: Its Theory and Organization John Courtney Murray
Some Questions as to Interdenomination Co-operation John La Farge
Christian Co-operation John Courtney Murray
Co-operation with Non-Catholics: Canonical Legislation T. Lincoln Bouscaren
The Sacrament of Orders (Notes on the Ministry and the Sacraments in the Ecumenical Movement.) J. P. Haran
Church Unity and Protestant Missions Edward L. Murphy
The Full Account of Anglican Orders William H. McClellan
The One Church and Reunion Movements J. P. Haran

Articles in Compass Review, a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
The Churches and Ecumenism, 2008 Michael Putney
Catholic Devotion and the Unity of Christians Cardinal Idris Edward Cassidy

Articles in Teologia
The Theological Basis of Conciliar Ecumenism Michael Kinnamon, page 57
The Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the World Council of Churches Christoph Tapernoux, page 100

Podcasts from Creighton University
Lutheran Catholic Dialogue Reverend Doctor H. Ashley Hall
Lutheran Catholic Dialogue Reverend William Rusch

Articles from the Paulist North American Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations
The Ecumenical Landscape Thomas Ryan, CSP
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: A Spirituality for the Long Thomas Ryan, CSP
Ecumenism and Evangelization: Working the Fit Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP
What Does It Mean Today To Be Ecumenical? Thomas Ryan, CSP
The Role of the Personal in Christian Unity Efforts Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP
Meditation On Christian Unity Efforts While Walking a Labyrinth Thomas Ryan, CSP

Articles from the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions in Kyoto: 35 Years of Interreligious Encounter in an Ecumenical Context Martin Repp
Ecumenical Theological Developments in Asia and the Pacific John C. England

Articles from the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research
"Is the Ordination of Women an Ecumenical Eroblem?" Professor Dr. Anne Jensen
Ecumenism and the Lack Thereof Arlene Anderson Swidler
The Meaning of Ordained Priesthood in Ecumenical Dialogues Herbert J.Ryan

Articles from Myriobiblos
The Many and the One: The Interface Between Orthodox and Evangelical Protestant Hermeneutics Grant R. Osborne
"Unity", "Division", "Reunion" in the light of Orthodox Ecclesiology Alexander Schmemann

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Saint Bernard: Unlikely Patron of Christian Unity Charles Ridley
Solovyov's Russia and the Catholic Church Andrew Kuiper

Articles from other sources
Ecumenically, Who is 'We'? Andrew Pierce
"I Am Not a Prophet": Ecumenical Dialogue with Definition Geoffrey R. Boyle
Interreligious and Ecumenical Dialogue at Vatican II: Some Rethinking Required Peter Phan
Christian Unity Abides in Prayer Pope Benedict XVI
Ecumenical Dialogues Anglican Consultative Council
Characteristics of Development of Inter-Confessional Relations in Ukraine Maksym Vasin
Responses To Ut Unum Sint Ronald G. Roberson, CSP
A Catholic View of Orthodoxy Aidan Nichols, OP
The Leuenberg Agreement and Church Unity: A Possible Matrix To Cross Ten Seas With? Willem A. Dreyer
Eastern Churches, the Sacrament of Good Neighbourliness Paolo Dall'Oglio
Confessional and Ecumenical? Revisiting Edmund Schlink on the Hermeneutics of Doctrine D J Smit
Identity of the Jesuit ecumenist Edward G. Farrugia S.J.
Ecumenical Roads No Longer Lead to Rome Andrew Hamilton
Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations since Vatican II Sister Cecily Boulding
Saving Ecumenism from Itself Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ
Mar Bawai Soro Robert Taft, SJ
The Holy Spirit and Ecumenical Dialogue: Theological and Practical Dimensions Cardinal Walter Kasper
Coming in from Outside: A Crucial Event in the History of Ecumenism of the Nederduitsch Hervormde Church Johan Buitendag
Towards a Catholic-Orthodox Alliance Interview with Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Vienna and Austria
The ecumenical movement in the 21st century Cardinal Walter Kasper
Nestorius and Cyril: 5th Century Christological Division and Recent Progress in Reconciliation Ben Green
Mission, Theological Education, and Ecumenism Simon Oxley, page 96
Intervention by Cardinal Kasper on the Meeting of the Holy Father with the College of Cardinals
Catholic Ecumenism In Russia John A. Hardon, S.J.
The Path of Roman Catholic and Anglican Unity Bishop Crispian Hollis
Multiple Religious Belonging: Opportunities and Challenges for Theology and Church Peter C. Phan
Mary and the Future of Ecumenism Marc Ouellet
Address of His Eminence, Metropolitan Ambrosios of Kalavryta and Aigialeia, President of the Synodal Committee on Inter-Orthodox and Inter-Christian Relations, to His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper
Current Perspectives on Petrine Ministry and Papal Primacy Denis Fortin
Mass Without the Consecration? Robert Taft, SJ
Prospects of Orthodox-Catholic Relations Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev
Globalization, Philosophy and the Model of Ecumenism William Sweet
The Counter-Reformation of Pope John Paul II Ranald Macaulay
Unity and Autocephaly: Mutually Exclusive? Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos, Ph.D.
Anamnesis, Not Amnesia: The 'Healing Memories' and the Problem of 'Uniatism' Robert Taft, S.J.
Two Languages of Salvation: The Lutheran-Catholic Joint Declaration Avery Dulles, SJ
The Reception Process: The Challenge at the Threshold of a New Phase of the Ecumenical Movement Hermann J. Pottmeyer
Vatican II Called Catholics to Active Role in Ecumenism Pope John Paul II
Unity in New Testament Perspective William Loader
The Ecumenical Dimension in the Formation of Those Engaged in Pastoral Work Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
Current Trends: The New Ecumenism Donald Goergen, OP
Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Spirit of Ecumenism Yves Congar
A Major Ecumenical Problem: Revelation, Tradition and Church Charles M. Horne, Th.D.
Bishops, Ministry, and the Unity of the Church in Ecumenical Dialogue: Deadlock, Breakthrough or Both? Michael Root


Franciscan Friars of the Atonement Website for Christian Unity
Ecumenism Resources for Catholic Educators
Prairie Centre for Ecumenism
Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies
New Mexico Conference of Churches
Interchurch Families International Network
Journal of the Association of Interfaith Families
Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Paulist Office for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations
Helping Omega Make Its Point: The Pitfalls and Promise of Understanding Catholics James T. Baker
Order of Ecumenical Franciscans
World Council of Churches
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate

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