Economic Justice
"Every perspective on economic life that is human, moral, and Christian must be shaped by three questions: What does the economy do for people? What does it do to people? And how do people participate in it?"

US Bishops, Economic Justice for All

Economic Justice for All American bishops

What does our God require of us? Anglican Church of Canada, Canadian Religious Conference - National, Church and Society Steering Committee, Division of Mission in Canada, United Church of Canada. Episcopal Commission for Social Affairs of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Justice Ministries Committee, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Working Group on Public Policy and Church and Society, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Economic Justice Gerald Darring

Articles in The Way, an international journal of contemporary Christian spirituality, published by the British Jesuits
Capitalist Culture and Christian Faith John Kavanaugh
The Poor and the Rich: Two Opposing Christian Communities Piet Van Boxel
The Bourgeois Spirit Bernice Martin

Articles from The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice
Enough: Foundation for a Moral and Ecological Economics Anne B. Ryan
Social Enterprise -- An Untapped Resource Gerard Doyle
A New Economic Paradigm? Gerry O'Hanlon SJ
A New Economic Paradigm? In the Concrete Gerry O'Hanlon SJ
Co-Operatives and the Economic and Environmental Crisis Dermot McKenna SJ
Sustaining Work, Prosperity and Fairness Brendan MacPartlin, SJ
Economics And Justice Eithne Fitzgerald

Articles in Eureka Street, a publication of the Australian Jesuits
The Popes Versus the Free Market Bruce Duncan
Capitalism's Ingenious Immunity to the Guilty Conscience Scott Stephens
The Ten Commandments of Marketing Greg Soetomo

Articles in SSRN, composed of a number of specialized research networks
Stewardship,The Common Good and Resource Management: Socio-Economic, Legal and Philosophical Challenges Professor George P. Smith, II
Not The Bishops' Finest Hour: Economic Justice with Cerberus Unchained? David L. Gregory
Quas Primas and the Economic Ordering of Society for the Social Reign of Christ the King: A Third Perspective on the Bainbridge/Sargent Law and Economics Debate Brian M. Mccall
Utility, the Good and Civic Happiness: A Catholic Critique of Law and Economics Mark A. Sargent
Taking Economic Human Rights Seriously After the Debt Crisis Steven A. Ramirez

Articles in Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain
A Faith Perspective on the Economy Makbul Rahim
Our Economic Problem -- Greed or Ignorance? Peter Corbishley

Articles in Working Notes, a journal published by the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice
The Consequences of a Bankrupt God Kevin Hargaden
Justice in the Global Economy: A Theological Reflection Gerry O'Hanlon SJ
Catholic Social Teaching and Inequality Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Articles in Cross Currents
Capitalism And Christianity: A Symbiotic Relationship or a Quiet Replacement Jane Clark
The Humanization Of Economic Life: The Legacy Of Martin Buber Roshnee Ossewaarde-Lowtoo

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
A Patristic Critique of Political Economy Roman Montero
A Time for Reconsidering the Catholic Prohibition of Usury John Buchmann
The Priest at the End of the Search for a Third Way Elias Crim
Who Is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved? Taylor Ross
Economics After Luther John Milbank
A Theological Critique of Economic Modernity's Myths Rick Coronado

Articles from Markets and Morality
For a Catholic Vision of the Economy Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo
Observations on the Theology of Work and Economics Stephen J. Grabill
Neither Capitalism nor Socialism: A Biblical Theology of Economics Craig L. Blomberg
The Political Economy of Economic Education: The Moral Dimensions Dwight R. Lee
Narcissistic Behavior and the Economy: The Role of Virtues Surendra Arjoon
Market Exchange, Self-Interest, and the Common Good: Financial Crisis and Moral Economy Darrin W. Snyder Belousek
Social Justice and Economic Order According to Natural Law Daniele Corrado, Stephano Solari
The Clergy and Economists: Two Windows on Common Objectives Dwight R. Lee
Why the Market? Markets as Social and Moral Spaces Virgil Henry Storr
Property, Ethics, and God Jonathan E. Leightner
The Ethical Basis for Taxation in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas Christopher Todd Meredith
A "Marketless World"? An Examination of Wealth and Exchange in the Gospels and First-Century Palestine Edd S. Noell
Christian Theology and the Human Ontology of Market Capitalism John R. Schneider
Unrighteous Stewards in Biblical and Modern Times Jonathan E. Leightner, Pamela Z. Jackson
Justice in Exchange: The Economic Philosophy of John Duns Scotus Robert I. Mochrie
Can Neoclassical Economics Handle a Scriptural View of Forgiveness? John N. Oswalt, Victor V. Claar
One Protestant Tradition's Interface with Austrian Economics: Christian Reconstruction as Critic and Ally Glenn Moots, Timothy D. Terrell
Tax and Theology Richard Teather
The Vision of Deuteronomy 15 with Regard to Poverty, Socialism, and Capitalism Andrew Schein
What Profits for a Man to Gain: Just (the) Price (of the Soul) Jude Chua Soo Meng
Applying Judeo-Christian Principles to Contemporary Economic Issues Cara Beed, Clive Beed
The Universal Destination of Goods: The Ethics of Property in the Theory of a Christian Society Manfred Spieker
Natural Law and Modern Economic Theory Gerson Moreno-Riaño
What Bearing, If Any, Does the Christian Doctrine of Providence Have Upon the Operation of the Market Economy? Michael T. Dempsey
A Biblical Precedent for the Coase Theorem? Andrew Schein
Morality and the Law: Some Implications for Economics Timothy P. Roth
Toward a Theology of Economics: Arresting Congenital Scarcity by Developing Exchanges Francis Woehrling
Is Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy an Adequate Foundation for the Market Economy? James Halteman
Catholicism and the Economy: Augustine and Aquinas on Property Ownership Richard J. Dougherty
The Added Value of Religion in Poverty-to-Work Programs: A Framework for Analysis William Lockhart
The Relationship of God's Providence to Market Economics and Economic Theory John Lunn, Robin Klay
Connections Between the Austrian School of Economics and Christian Faith: A Personalist Approach Paul A. Cleveland
Is Entrepreneurial Activity Necessarily Pleasing to God? Craig Gay
The Culture of Consumerism: A Catholic and Personalist Critique Eduardo J. Echeverria, Gregory R. Beabout
First Philosophy of Democratic Capitalism As Creative Economy: A Thomistic Onto-Theology of Self-Communicative Ownership Jude Chua Soo Meng
Does John Courtney Murray's Defense of Freedom Extend to Economics? An Austrian Perspective William R. Luckey
Scholastic Morality and the Birth of Economics: the Thought of Martín de Azpilcueta Rodrigo Muñoz de Juana
Does Morality Hamper the Market Process? A Reappraisal of the Mises Thesis David L. Prychitko, Scott A. Beaulier
Contractarion Analysis, Ethics, and Emerging Economies Timothy P. Roth
A Model to Assess the Ethics of Benefits Distribution Alan Wong, Uric Dufrene
"Christian" Economics Francis Woehrling
The Ethical Foundation of the Market Economy: A Reflection on Economic Personalism in the Thought of Luigi Sturzo Flavio Felice
On the Choice of Method in Economics: Options for Humanists Daniel K. Fin
Harmonization Between Communitarian Ethics and Market Economics Basant K. Kapur
A Short History of Economics As a Moral Science James E. Alvey
The Economic Personalism of John Paul II: Neither Right Nor Left Daniel K. Finn
Toward the Definition of Economic Rights Carmine Gorga
The Ethics of Capitalism Jesus Huerta de Soto
The Imperialism of Economics Over Ethics Jesus M. Zaratiegui
Economic Religion Versus Christian Values Robert H. Nelson

Articles in University of St. Thomas Law Journal
Latin America: Economic Development and Social Justice Robert J. Delahunty
The Necessity of Economics: The Preferential Option for the Poor, Markets, and Environmental Law Andrew P. Morriss
Economic Justice and Welfare Reform: Was Welfare Reform an Example of Prudential Judgment in the Public Policy Charles M.A. Clark

Articles from Cambridge Papers
Globalization and the World Economy: For Richer for Poorer, for Better or Worse? Paul Mills
Render unto Caesar? The Dilemmas of Taxation Policy Christopher Townsend
The Divine Economy Paul Mills
Investing as a Christian: Reaping Where You Have Not Sown? Paul Mills
Faith versus prudence? Christians and Financial Security Paul Mills

Articles from other sources
Inequality, Economy and Care: A Focus Shift Raffaella Petrini
The Impact of Religiosity on Personal Financial Decisions Dan W. Hess
Biblical Economy, Wealth and Poverty: A Challenge to the Great Lakes Region of East Africa James Ndyabahika
Connecting Economics to Theology Garrick Small
Beyond Welfare Reform: Economic Justice in the 21st Century Peter B. Edelman
The consumer does pay Tony Kelly CSsR
Enough is Enough Walter Brueggemann
Disciplinary Perspectives: Conversations about Distributive Justice Catharyn Baird
Putting the Rich on Notice David R. Weiss
Liberation Theology and Economics: Like Oil and Water? Michael S. Johnson
Economic Justice for All but Church Employees Richard P. McBrien
Moral Discourse on Economic Justice: Considerations from the Old Testament Richard Nysse
The Jesuits and the Spirit of Capitalism Fred Seddon
Church and Economy: Responsibility for the future of the world economy Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

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