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Consecrated [Religious]

Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Vatican II. See Chapter 6: Religious

Decree on the Appropriate Renewal of the Religious Life Vatican II

On Renewal of the Religious Life According to Vatican II Pope Paul VI

On Religious Life Pope John Paul II

Consecrated Life Is Rooted In Baptism Pope John Paul II

Consecrated Life Pope John Paul II

The Role of Male Religious Who Do Not Receive Holy Orders Pope John Paul II

Consecrated Life, a Sign of the Church's Vitality 1994 World Synod of Bishops

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life

Religious Orders

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious

Raimundo Panikkar on the Monk as “Archetype” Francis Tiso

'Being for Others': Pope Benedict Speaks to the Religious Congregations of the UK Gemma Simmonds, CJ

Monasticism Old and New

The Call to Consecration: Renewing Discipleship in the Church in Modern Asia

Love, Friendship, and Beauty: On the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of a Magisterial Document about Religious Life and the Apostolate Romanus Cessario

The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Czeslaw Milosz: Monasticism and Society in Dialogue Jeremy Driscoll, OSB

Monasticism as an Interreligious Meeting Point: A Comparison of Swami Abhishiktananda and Francis Acharya Dr. Edward T. Ulrich

Religious Poverty in the African Context Michel Kamanzi SJ, page 65

The Word as Liberating Power: The Word of God, Ferment of Liberation for the Mission of Consecrated Life Josep Tobin, C.Ss.R

Learning To "Flee From ... Bishops": Formation for the Charism of Priesthood within Religious Life Stephen Bevans, SVD

Monasteries in Germany: Looking for Monks and Nuns in the New Millennium Joachim Mohr

What Distinguishes the Jesuits? Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

The Kenosis of the Missionary. Some Thoughts on Religious Vows and Mission Edward Luc Mees, MJ

An Epistemological Reflection on the Relevance of Monastic Traditions for Retreat in the Dutch Reformed Tradition C.H. (Kaaiman) Schutte and Yolanda Dreyer

Mission: The Key to Understand Consecrated Life Today< /A> Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF

A Conversation with Sandra M. Schneiders Scroll to page 5

Religious Life in the Cultural Context of Pakistan Pascal Robert, OFM

The Identity of Religious Today Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP

Consecration: An Act of Separation or of Recognition? Howard N. Wallace

Friends in the Lord: A Reading of the 34th General Congregation of the Jesuit Geoffrey J. King, S.J.

Religious Life Is Still Alive, But Far from the Promised Land: Ten Questions Get to Heart of What Future Might Hold Joan Chittister

Why Should Religious Get Up in the Morning? Mary Heather MacKinnon

Articles on the Vatican document Directives on formation in religious institutes
  • Images of Community Evelyn Woodward
  • Multiculturality and Formation for Mission Donna Markham
  • Formation in a Post-Modern Context Mary Jo Leddy
  • Formation and the Vows Edward Kinerk
  • Death--The Final Probation Andrew Hamilton
  • The Theology of Religious Life in the Directives Brian Grogan
  • The Structure of the New Roman Document Howard Gray
  • Human Development and Dimensions of Formation Joan Faber
  • Collaboration: Its Profits and Pitfalls Joan Chittister

    Articles on the religious life in The Way, 1989
  • Revising Historical Perspectives Philip Sheldrake
  • Institutional Relationships: Religious Life in the Church Mary Ellen Sheehan
  • Women Religious and Christian Feminism Jill Robson
  • The Religious Vows and the Reign of God Aloysius Pieris
  • Authority and Leadership Gabriel Robin
  • Beyond the Liberal Model Mary Jo Leddy
  • Shift in Theology Howard J. Gray
  • Community Liturgy: A Celebration and Statement of Who We Are Maureen Cusick
  • Women Religious and Christian Feminism Lavinia Byrne
  • Suffocating the Religious Life: A New Type Emerges Gerald A. Arbuckle
  • Formation of Lay Faith Communities John P. Milan
  • Formation for New Forms of Religious Community Life Sandra Schneiders
  • Lay Communities and the Monastic Vision Robert Van De Weyer

    Priesthood, Ministry, and Religious Life: Some Historical and Historiographical Considerations John W. O'Malley

    The Future of Traditional Monastic Contemplative Life Mary Albert Hughes

    The Ministry of Disciples: Historical Reflections on the Role of Religious Priests Brian E. Daley

    The Charism of the Religious Order and the Media Apostolate John Orme Mills

    The Community Life of Religious Robert Soler

    The Consecrated Virgin Living in the World Elizabeth Rees

    Religious Superiors and Government Elizabeth McDonough

    The Episcopal Vicar for Religious Sharon Holland

    The Church and Institutes of Consecrated Life Clarence Gallagher

    The New Code and the Development of Religious Life Joan Chittister

    Religious and the Local Church Jean Beyer

    Is there a distinct American contribution to the future of the religious life? Luke Salm

    Religious Superiors, Subjects and Psychiatrists John C. Ford

    Anchorites in Church and Cloister Rotha Mary Clay

    Principles Of Religious Life Francis Cuthbert Doyle

    The Society of Jesus as Originally Formed and Approved by Pope Paul III Richard R. Elliott, page 510

    The religious life and the vows Bishop Charles Gay

    Elements of Religious Life William Humphrey, SJ

    The Religious State: A Digest of the Doctrine of Suarez, con-tained in his treatise "De Statu Religionis" William Humphrey, SJ

    The Christian Life and Virtues Considered in the Religious State Msgr. Charles Gay

    The religious state according to the doctrine of St. Thomas Jules Didiot

    The Fundamentals of the Religious Life Fr. O., SJ

    Religious Brothers Conference

    Monastery of Christ in the Desert

    To Be A Monk, an essay

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