Ecclesiology I
The Church:
The People of God

Picture from Maryknoll Magazine
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"God has gathered together
as one all those who in faith
look upon Jesus as the author of
salvation and the source of
unity and peace, and has established
them as the Church"

Vatican II: Constitution on the Church

Dogmatic Constitution on the Church Vatican II

First dogmatic constitution on the church of Christ Vatican I

On the Church Pope Paul VI: Ecclesiam Suam

The Mystical Body of Christ Pope Pius XII: Mystici Corporis

On the Supranationality of the Church Pope Pius XII: Ad Sinarum Gentem

Some Aspects of the Church Understood As Communion Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

General Catechetical Directory, 1971 See articles 65-67

Holy Office: 1949 Letter to the Archbishop of Boston

Another Way of Being Church Bishop Pedro Casaldáliga Plá

The Claims of the Primacy and the Costly Call to Unity Archbishop John R. Quinn

The Unity of the Catholic Church St. Cyprian [200-258 AD]

Church: Seeking First the Kingdom of God Gerard M Goldman

The New Ecclesiology of Vatican II Walbert Bühlmann, OFM (Cap.)

A New Vision for the Catholic Church: A View from Ireland Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

What on Earth's the Church For? Peter Knott SJ

The "Catholic Church" Subsists in the "Catholic Church" Peter Knauer

A Eucharistic Church Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

The Church as Sacrament: Towards an Ecclesial Spirituality Richard R. Gaillardetz

Turning 20, Embracing Dialogue:New Ways of Being Church Edmund Chia

Do We Believe in a Church of Sinners? Kevin T. Kelly

Being 'Church' Sue King

A Holy People Siegfried Wiedenhofer

Ecclesiology I: Differing Gifts Ellen Leonard

Ecclesiology II: Differing Responses to Mission Ellen Leonard

Does Morality Call for the Church? Gregory Baum

Does Liturgy Call for the Church? Kilian McDonnell

Does Faith Call for the Church? Carl J. Peter

The Church Today: Its Necessity and Role Richard P. McBrien

Faith and the Church: A Reply to the Critique Carl J. Peter

Is there a distinct American contribution to the notion of Church? Richard P. McBrien

The Worshipping Church Placid Murray

The Church in History Francis O'Connor

The Pilgrim Church Bernard Cooke

The Church, the Sacrament of the World Georges Dejaifve

The Temptations of the Church Paul Edwards

Towards a Church of Service Peter Hebblethwaite

A Man of the Church Robert Murray

The Francis Moment: A "Kairos" for Catholic Ecclesiology Richard Gaillardetz

Conversion and Witnessing: Intercultural Renewal in a World Church Peter Casarella

Ecclesial Conversion after Vatican II: Renewing "the Face of the Church" to Reflect "the Genuine Face of God" Ormond Rush
Response to Ormond Rush Natalia Imperatori-Lee

Church as Structure and Communitas: Victor Turner and Ecclesiology Carl F. Starkloff, S.J.

A Global Sign of Outward Grace: The Sacramentality of the World Church in the Era of Globalization Agbonkianmeghe Orobator

Response to Orobator William J. O'Neill

The Infallibility of the Church: A Marian Mystery Roch Kereszty

Gratitude as a Christian Virtue and its Involvement in the Mission of the Church Sorin Cosma, page 27

Contrasting ecclesial functions in the second century: “Diakonia,” “Diakonoi,” “Episkopoi” and “Presbyteroi” in the Shepherd of Hermas and Ignatius of Antioch's Letters Dan Batovici

Anti-Catholicism and Modern Church-State Relations Thomas C. Berg

The Church Christian W. Troll, S.J.

Salvation outside the Church - But why, then, evangelize?: Reflections from a Roman Catholic perspective Stephen Bevans, SVD

Of Such is the Kingdom (cf. 1 Timothy 4:12) Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania

The Church Community: A Distinct Cultural, Social and Spiritual Context Margaret Ghosn MHSF

Images, Understandings, and Models of the Church in History: An Update Brian Gleeson CP

The Church as Liberation Community from Patriarchy: The Praxis of Ministry as Discipleship of Equals Rosemary Radford Ruether

Pope Benedict XVI and the Church Thomas P. Rausch SJ

Towards a "Lay Hermeneutic" in Ecclesiology Levy Lara Lanaria

The Role of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) in the Implementation of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Africa Joseph G. Healey, M.M.

The Mission Has a Church, The Mission Has Ministers: Thinking Missiologically about Ministry and the Shortage of Priests Stephen Bevans, SVD

Animating Leadership in the People of God Gail Gill

The Challenges Facing the Church in Ireland in the Aftermath of the Ryan Report Aileen Walsh

Gaudium et Spes - The Shape of the Church: Past, Present and to Come… Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

Gaudium et Spes -The Shape of the Church: Past, Present and to Come… Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor

The European Convention on Human Rights and Church-State Relations: Pluralism vs. Pluralism Françoise Tulkens

Vatican II and the Ecclesiology of Joseph Ratzinger Fr. Maximilian Heinrich Heim

Bonhoeffer's Missional Ecclesiology Patrick Franklin

The Church's Engagement in Civil Society: A New Way of Being Christians in India Today Indian Theological Association

The Church as Sacrament of the Kingdom: A Reformed Commentary M E Brinkman

Trying to Get It Right: Taking Seriously the Church as a People Gathered by God Linda M. Cannell, page 11

Equipping Leadership: Preparing God's People for Personal, Congregational, and Community Transformation Elizabeth A. Wourms, page 93

Joining and Belonging: Toward Church Membership as Sharing in Mission Steve Wimmer, page 82

The Meaning of Subsistit In As Explained by The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Francis A. Sullivan, S.J.

Some Considerations on Collegiality and Synodality in the Light of Lumen Gentium Claudiu Ciubotariu SJ

Church and State Today: What Belongs to Caesar, and What Doesn't Archbishop Charles Chaput

Beyond Collegiality: The Local Church Left Behind by the Second Vatican Council Gilles Routhier

Does the Church Deliver? Perceptions amongst South Africans about the Role of the Church in the HIV/AIDS Field P J van Dyk & A C van Dyk

The Church in the World Today Therese Carroll RSJ

To Dare More Democracy within the Church Johannes Roser

Human Resources Management for Church Ministry Sharon Messina

'International Priests' and the Mission of the Church Richard Lennan

From Oxford to Rome: Newman's Ecclesial Conversion Walter E. Conn

Response to Karl Becker, S.J., on the Meaning of "Subsistit in" Francis A. Sullivan

Church in Democracy Hans Maier

Cultural Diversity and Religious Pluralism: The Church's Mission in Asia Peter C. Phan

An Ecclesiology of Groaning: Augustine, the Psalms, and the Making of Church Michael C. McCarthy

The Holy Spirit in the Church Anglican Bishop Tom Wright

We are Church - A Kindom of Priests Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

Church and Culture: A Religio-Theological Perspective P.J. van der Merwe

The People of God: An Orthodox Perspective George C. Papademetriou

A Dialectic Engagement with the Social Sciences in an Ecclesiological Context Neil Ormerod

Caesar's Coin: How Should Church And State Interact? Archbishop Roland Minnerath

Belonging, Community, and the Church: Some Theological and Pastoral Reflections Vincent Battaglia

The Trinity's First Creation the Church: An Orthodox Bishop's Appreciation of the West's Greatest Father of the Church Lawrence Cross

The Church as Agent of Hope: What can Religious Faith Contribute to Life in Contemporary Australia? Mark Raper SJ

Journeying to the Other Side: Beyond Previously Accepted Boundaries Antoinette Gutzler, M.M.

Messianic Nation: A Christian Theological Critique of American Exceptionalism William T. Cavanaugh

Cultural Influences on the Development of Early Church Structures: Implications for Contextual Ecclesiology Michael T. Cooper

Revitalizing the Small Church: A Spiritual Model Terri Birkett

The Upside Down Church Linda M. Cannell

Victor People Douglas Knight

Models of the Church Dãnuþ Mãnãstireanu

Millstones amid Milestones Jojo M. Fung, S.J.

Two There Are, Your Holiness: Suggestion for the Next Pope's Agenda in Line with John Paul II's Invitation in Ut Unum Sint Aloysius Pieris, S.J.

Being Church in India Today The Revd Dr Sathianathan Clarke

The Church: Called, Gathered, and Faithful Friends United Meeting Theological Commission

The Internet and the Church of the Future: The Coming of the Fourth Church John Quinn

Issues of Justice, Leadership and Authority in the Church Cathy Molloy

Living in Dark Times Andrew Murray SM

A Schizophrenic Process in the Church? The Conservative Retreat from the Social Dimension of the Gospel Bruce Duncan CSsR

The Church in the Post-Postmodern World Neil Brown

Structure of a Systematic Ecclesiology Neil Ormerod

Authority in the Church Bernard Hoose

A New Way of Being Church in Asia: The Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC) at the Service of Life in Pluralistic Asia Jonathan Yun-Ka Tan

Proclamation of the Reign of God as Mission of the Church: What For, To Whom, By Whom, With Whom, and How? Peter Phan

Bonaventure and the Sin of the Church C. Colt Anderson

The Ratzinger/Kasper Debate: The Universal Church and Local Churches Kilian McDonnell

The Body of Christ: Saint Symeon the New Theologian on Spiritual Life and the Hierarchical Church Alexander Golitzin

The Essential Nature and Task of the Church Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The Pneumatological Ekklesia: A Comparative and Constructive Work in Contemporary Ecclesiology Gene Mills

Church of the Future -- A Sketch for the Jerusalem Symposium Henry Wansbrough OSB

Is the Church Past Its Use-By Date? Seeking Hope in the Midst of Crisis Richard Lennan

The Sensus Fidelium of the People of God in Asia Edmund Chia, F.S.C.

Conversion and Discipleship as Goals of the Church's Mission

Dominus Iesus: An Ecclesiological Critique Richard P. McBrien

Scriptural Images of the Church: An Eastern Orthodox Reflection Alexander Golitzin

The Ecclesiology of Vatican II Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

The Church in a Postmodern Culture Laurence Paul Hemming

Localization Resisting Globalization: Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) in the Postmodern Era Karl M. Gaspar, C.Ss.R.

Communion Ecclesiology and Black Liberation Theology Jamie T. Phelps

The Place of Silencing in the Teaching of the Church Jeannine Gramick, SSND

The Church the Body of Christ Christos Sp. Voulgaris

The People Of God: Its Unity And Its Glory Constantine Scouteris

Ecclesiology as Social Ethics: Introduction Craig Uffman

Ecclesiology as Social Ethics: Calvin on the Church, Discipline and the Advocates of Schism Craig Uffman

Ecclesiology as Social Ethics: Paul, Corinth and the Practice of Holy Discipline Craig Uffman

The Ecclesiology of the Constitution on the Church, Vatican II, 'Lumen Gentium' Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

The Church as Covenant, Culture, and Communion Carl F. Starkloff

Unfinished Encounter: a Note on the Voice and Tone of Ecclesia in Asia John Manford Prior, SVD

Taking a Forward Leap: Understanding Proclamation, Church and Unity Jojo M. Fung, S.J.

The Place of the Local Church in the Liberation/Inculturation Debate: The Infanta Prelature Experience Sophia Marriage

Ecclesia in Asia: Challenges for Asian Christianity Peter C. Phan

The Concept of the Church According to David Yonggi Cho Sutrisna Widjaja

Discovering the Face of Jesus in Asia Today Office of Human Development of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences

Six Ways to Be Truly Catholic Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, O.S.B.

Henri De Lubac and the Roots of Communion Ecclesiology Dennis M. Doyle

Church and State Donald X. Burt, OSA

The Oxford Movement and the 19th-Century Episcopal Church: Anglo-Catholic Ecclesiology and the American Experience Larry Crockett

Augustine on Marriage, Monasticism, and the Community of the Church Willemien Otten

The Theological Locus of Ecclesial Movements Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

The Transformative Mission of the Church in the Thought of Gregory Baum Rebecca McKenna

Should the Church Repent? Avery Dulles, SJ

I Am the Catholic Church Father Michael Gilligan

Journet, Congar, and the Roots of Communion Ecclesiology Dennis M. Doyle

Church as Structure and Communitas: Victor Turner and Ecclesiology Carl F. Starkloff

Charisms, Movements and Communities in the Church

The Catholic Identity of Catholic Institutions Charles E. Curran

The Common and the Ordained Priesthood David Coffey

The New Tension Between Individual and Community in Christ: 'Community' in the Work of Hans Urs Von Balthasar Fr. Bevil Bramwell, OMI

Church and the Sea of Life: Ship or Lifeboat? Mark Muldoon

Church and the Sea of Life: Ship or Lifeboat? Caroline Dawson

Church and the Sea of Life: Ship or Lifeboat? John Veltri

Mohler, Schleiermacher, and the Roots of Communion Ecclesiology Dennis M. Doyle

Freedom in the Church: Conflicting Horizons Jacqueline Hawkins

The Church in the Catechism of the Catholic Church Gerald Darring

Irretrievable Breakdown? Disestablishment and the Church of England Julian Rivers

Lear and the Future of the Church John Pridmore

Inculturation in the FABC Documents Ladislav Nemet, S.V.D.

Church of the Poor: The Ecclesiology of Gustavo Gutiérrez James B. Nickoloff

Changing My Mind about the Changeable Church Richard A. McCormick, S.J.

The Church of Jesus Christ Mennonite Confesion of Faith

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 1, Section 2

The Idea of The Church Father Paul McPartlan

The Church in the Nicene Creed

Ecclesiology and Ethics in 1 Corinthians Richard B. Hays

Vatican Response to the New Religious Movements John A. Saliba

Organizing the People of God: Social-Science Theories of Organization in Ecclesiology Clare Watkins

Discipleship as a Craft, Church as a Disciplined Community Stanley Hauerwas

Rekindling Hope Gibson Winter

Confession and Community: An Israel-like View of the Church George Lindbeck

The Church: Local and Universal Joint Working Group of the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches

The Church as Koinonia: A Central Theme of Vatican II Peter Neuner

Formation and the Koinonia Church Vicky Cosstick

The Consensus of the Church: Differing Classic Views Richard F. Costigan

A Half Century of Ecclesiology Avery Dulles

The Pastoral Office in the Early Church Carl A. Volz

Faith and Cultures: Challenges to a World Church Robert J. Schreiter

We Are God's Priestly People Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany

The Mission of the Church in the Theology of the Social Gospel Roger Haight

Communion Ecclesiology and Baptism in the Spirit: Tertullian and the Early Church Kilian McDonnell

Forms of Ecclesiality: The Analogical Church T. Howland Sanks

The Church: Community of the Holy Spirit John H. Wright

The Integration of Spiritual and Temporal: Contemporary Roman Catholic Church-State Theory Leslie Griffin

A Radical Church? A Reappraisal of Anabaptist Ecclesiology John E. Colwell

The Church's Treasures (Thesauri Ecclesiae) Then and Now Carl J. Peter

Showing the Body: Reflections on 1 Corinthians 12-13 for Epiphany Dennis Ormseth

Conflict Within the Church Jon Sobrino

Not Peace but the Sword John Dalrymple

John Peter Olivi and Papal Inerrancy: On a Recent Interpretation of Olivi's Ecclesiology Brian Tierney

Basic Ecclesial Communities: A Meeting Point of Ecclesiologies Marcello de C. Azevedo

Infallibility in the Ecclesiology of Peter Richard Kenrick Paul K. Hennessy

Faith, Church, and God: Insights from Michael Polanyi Avery Dulles

Episcopal Collegiality and Papal Primacy in the Pre-Vatican I American Church Paul K. Hennessy

Graced Communities: A Problem in Loving Frank M. Oppenheim

Canon Law and Ecclesiology II: The Ecclesiological Implications of the 1983 Code of Canon Law Clarence Gallagher

His Mercy Endures for Ever Ladislas Örsy

The Emerging Church Rosemary Haughton

The Church and Powerlessness Austin Smith

Ecclesiology and the Problem of the One and the Many Joseph A. Bracken

The Church's Religious Identity and Its Social and Political Mission Francis Schussler Fiorenza

The Christian Church and the New Religious Movements: Towards Theological Understanding John A. Saliba

Canon Law and Ecclesiology I Clarence Gallagher

German Historicism and the Changing Image of the Church, 1780-1820 Donald J. Dietrich

Infallibility: Rapprochement between Kung and the Official Church? Peter Chirico

A Church for the Poor and the World: At Issue with Moltmann's Ecclesiology Martin Tripole

Orthodox Ecclesiology in Outline George Dion Dragas

Priesthood, Kingship, and Prophecy Joseph H. Crehan

Teaching Authority and Infallibility in the Church Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue

Different Ways: Basic Christian Communion David Clark

The Church Yesterday and Today Michael A. Fahey

The Breath of the Spirit and the Freedom of the Church M. J. Le Guillou

The Emerging Church: Chaos or Incarnation George B. Wilson

Philosophical Models in Ecclesiology Thomas F. O'Meara

Dynamics of Change in the Church's Self-Understanding Peter Chirico

We Are His People Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of Albany

"Humanae vitae" and Its Reception: Ecclesiological Reflections Joseph Komonchak

Contraception and the Infallibility of the Ordinary Magisterium John C. Ford and Germain Grisez

Providence and the Church Joseph Gavin

A Place called Community Parker J. Palmer

Liberation Ecclesiology: Praxis, Theory, Praxis T. Howland Sanks and Brian H. Smith

A Changing Ecclesiology in a Changing Church: A Symposium on Development in the Ecclesiology of Karl Rahner J. Peter Schineller, Leo J. O'Donovan, John P. Galvin, and Michael A. Fahey

Office and Charism: Reflections on a New Study of Ministry Edward J. Kilmartin

Christ and Church: A Spectrum of Views J. Peter Schineller

Mission: The Symbol for Understanding the Church Today Roger Haight

Comments on Roger D. Haight's Article Robert T. Sears

Trinitarian Love as Ground of the Church Robert T. Sears

Comments on Robert T. Sear's Article Roger Haight

Apostolic Office: Sacrament of Christ Edward J. Kilmartin

Pluralism and Ecclesial Unity James Quinn

Ministry in the Church Gregory Baum

Continuity in the Church amid Structural Changes Michael A. Fahey

The Benighted Church P. G. Walsh

The Foundation of the Church: Biblical Criticism for Ecumenical Discussion Aelred Cody

Ecclesiological Developments in Moltmann's Theology of Hope Martin Tripole

Pope Leo XIII and "Americanism" Margaret Mary Reher

Justice in the Church Edward Stokes

The Cross and the Church Simon Tugwell

Political Ecclesiology Bernard F. Donahue

The Church, the Churches, and the Catholic Church Avery Dulles

Paradoxes of Human Hope: The Messianic Horizon of Church and Society Rosemary Radford Ruether

Diakonia, the Mission of the Church Mary Louise Norpel

Motherhood of the Entire Church Henri de Lubac

Toward an Ecumenical Ecclesiology J. Robert Nelson

Martin Luther and the Mission of the Church Charles Chaney

Church and State George Bull

The Catholic Understanding of Office in the Church E. Schillebeeckx

Dialogue in Ecclesiology Sabbas J. Kilian

The Lutheran Doctrine of the Ministry: Catholic and Reformed George A. Lindbeck

An Analysis of the Roman Catholic Congress on the Theology of Renewal in the Church Charles A. Tipp, M.A., B.D.

The Ecclesiological Product of the Ecumenical Movement Michael Pocock, Th.M.

The Crucified Church Michael Ivens

Church and Kingdom: Ecclesiology in the Light of Eschatology John C. Haughey

Church and History in Vatican II's Constitution on the Church: A Protestant Perspective Manfred Hoffmann

Ecclesial Cybernetics: Communication in the Church Patrick Granfield

Authority, Connatural Knowledge, and the Spontaneous Judgment of the Faithful John W. Glaser

One Church: What Does It Mean? Peter Chirico

Bonhoeffer and the Church's Prophetic Mission Eugene C. Bianchi

The Issue of Church and State at Vatican Council II John Courtney Murray

The Church, the synagogue, and the ecumenical movement Edward H. Flannery

Natural Law, Theology, and the Church John J. Reed

The Growth of the Church James Quinn

The Charismatic Element in The Church Karl Rahner

A Holy Church Walter J. Burghardt

The Work of the Holy Spirit: Karl Barth on the Nature of the Church Maurice B. Schepers

The Protestant Concept of the Church: An Ecumenical Consensus Jaroslav Pelikan

How Should De Ecclesia Be Treated In Scientific Theology? Richard X. Redmond

The Ecclesiology of Johann Adam Möhler Peter Riga

Unity and diversity: the Catholic concept of the Church Edward L. Murphy

The conception of the Church among the Eastern dissidents Regis Barwig

Kingdom to Church: The Structural Development of Apostolic Christianity in the New Testament David M. Stanley

The Church of the Word Incarnate Charles Journet

The Visual Arts and the Teaching Church Terrence R. O'Connor

Orestes Brownson on Church and State Francis E. McMahon

Subordination of the State to the Church according to Suarez Francis P. Canavan

The Mediation of the Church in Some Pontifical Documents Francis X. Lawlor

Occult Heresy and Membership in the Church Francis X. Lawlor

Sinners and the Mystical Body of Christ According to St. Augustine II Stanislaus J. Grabowski

Sinners and the Mystical Body of Christ according to St. Augustine Stanislaus J. Grabowski

The theology of the Church and the State Joseph Clifford Fenton

St. Augustine and the Doctrine of the Mystical Body of Christ Stanislaus J. Grabowski

The theological significance of the encyclical "Mystici corporis" Joseph Bluett

The Holy Ghost in the Mystical Body of Christ according to St. Augustine: II Stanislaus J. Grabowski

Three Early Treatises on the Church E. A. Ryan

The Holy Ghost in the Mystical Body of Christ according to St. Augustine Stanislaus J. Grabowski

The Mystical Body of Christ: 1890-1940 J. Bluett

The Church and the Catholic Romano Guardini

The essentials of spiritual unity Fr. Ronald Knox

Church and State R. J. M., page 98

Protestants and the Principle of Authority in Religion F. W. Grey, page 141

The Attribute and Note of Sanctity in the Church Augustine F Hewitt, C.S.P., page 713

Essay on the Unity of the Church: The Church Is One Alexei Khomiakov

The Relations of the Church to Society: Theological Essays Edmund J. O'Reilly, SJ

The Paraclete, the Life of the Church Cardinal Newman

Tracts on the Church and Her Offices Oratorian Fr. Frederick William Faber, 1840

Lectures on the Prophetical Office of the Church Cardinal Newman

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