The Books of Chronicles

Books of Chronicles The Jewish Encyclopedia
The Book of Chronicles Shawn Zelig Aster
The Books of Paralipomenon (Chronicles) Catholic Encyclopedia

Articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Chronicles and the Chronicler Gary N. Knoppers
The Role of the Altar in the Book of Chronicles Itamar Kislev
The Priestly Tent of Meeting in Chronicles: Pro-Priestly or Anti-Priestly? Jaeyoung Jeon
The Chronicler's Code: The Rise and Fall of Judah's Army in the Book of Chronicles Neriah Klein
Identity Coherence in the Chronicler's Narrative: King Josiah as a Second David and a Second Saul Brendan G. Youngberg
The Characterization of Rehoboam and Jeroboam as a Reflection of the Chronicler's View of the Schism Itzhak Amar
David's Elite Warriors and Their Exploits in the Books of Samuel and Chronicles Moshe Garsiel
Transformations in Meaning: Solomon's Accession in Chronicles Christine Mitchell

Articles in Verbum et Ecclesia, an international, South African open-access, peer reviewed and accredited, online journal
New Politics, New Stories, New History: The Chronicler as Historian for a New Generation W Boshoff
The Rhetorics of Finding a New Identity in a Multi-Religious and Multi-Ethnic Society: The Case of the Book of Chronicles L C Jonker

Articles in Biblica, the journal of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome
The High Priest in Chronicles: An Anomaly in a Detailed Description of the Temple Cult Steven James Schweitzer
Two Assyrian Campaigns against Hezekiah and Later Eighth Century Biblical Chronology J. Goldberg

Articles from Biblical
The Purpose and Methods of the Chronicler D.F. Payne
The Date and Personality of the Chronicler William Foxwell Albright

Articles from other sources
New Studies in Chronicles: A Discussion of Two Recently-Published Commentaries
Was the Chronicler a Spin Doctor? David in the Books of Chronicles Mark A. Throntveit
War Narratives in the Book of Chronicles: A New Proposal in Respect of Their Function P.C. Beentjes
A Translation Guide to the Chronological Data in Kings and Chronicles Leslie McFall
Kings and Chronicles: Interpreting Historical Interpretation Allen R. Guenther
Eschatology in Chronicles H. G. M. Williamson, M.A., Ph.D.


Introduction to the First Book of Chronicles New American Bible
Divrei Hayamim I - I Chronicles Text with the commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi
1 Chronicles Early Jewish Writings
Chiasm and Meaning in 1 Chronicles Yitzhak Berger
The View of Jerusalem in the Ethnographical Introduction of Chronicles (1 Chr 1-9) Isaac Kalimi
Observations on Women in the Genealogies of 1 Chronicles 1-9 Antje Labahn and Ehud Ben Zvi
Echoes of Genesis in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10: An Intertextual and Contextual Reading of Jabez's Prayer R. Christopher Heard
The LXX of 1 Chronicles 5:1-2: As an Exposition of Genesis 48-49 P. J. Williams
The fulfilment of God's promises: A literary-homiletic reading of 1 Chronicles 7:20-27 Hee-Sook Bae
1 Chronicles 9,26-33: Its Position in Chapter 9 Piet B. Dirksen
Chronistic Tendency in 1 Chr 18,10-11 Piet B. Dirksen
Divine Intermediaries in 1 Chronicles 21: An Overlooked Aspect of the Chronicler's Theology Paul Evans
"Great Among His Brothers," but Who is He? Heterogeneity in the Composition of Judah Gary N. Knoppers
1 Chronicles 29:10-13 Pope John Paul II
Transformations in Meaning: Solomon's Accession in Chronicles Christine Mitchell


Hayamim II - II Chronicles Text and commentary by the 11th-century rabbi Rashi
2 Chronicles Early Jewish Writings
The "Spring of the Year" (2 Chronicles 36:10) and the Chronicler's Sources Michael Avioz
The Chronicler's Jehoshaphat Ray Dillard
Tiglath-Pileser III's Campaigns in 743-732 B.C.: Historical Background of Isa 7; 2 Kgs 15-16 and 2 Chr 27-28 Peter Dubovsky

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