Resources for the Study of

Brothers and Sisters to Us U.S. Catholic Bishops

Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love - A Pastoral Letter Against Racism U.S. Catholic Bishops

Articles in Theological Studies, a quarterly journal of theology published by the Jesuits of the United States and Canada
"Strange Fruit": Black Suffering/White Revelation Christopher Pramuk
For What Shall We Repent? Reflections on the American Bishops, Their Teaching, and Slavery in the United States, 1839-1861 Joseph E. Capizzi
Remembering Rosa Parks: Recognizing a Contemporary Prophetic Act Randall K. Bush
Tradition and the Traditions of African American Catholicism M. Shawn Copeland

Articles in the Journal of Southern Religion
Fight Against Fear: Southern Jews and Black Civil Rights Leonard Rogoff
Original Dishonor: Noah's Curse and the Southern Defense of Slavery Stephen R. Haynes
The Southern Rite of Human Sacrifice Donald G. Mathews
Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Protestantism, and Race in Civil Rights Era Alabama and Georgia Andrew S. Moore

Articles from Historic Burlington City, NJ
James Healy The first African-American bishop in the United States
Patrick Healy The first African-American president of a predominantly white university

Articles from the Berkeley Forum at Georgetown University
Healing the Wounds of Slave Trade and Slavery: Approaches and Practices Katherine Marshall
Black Lives Matter: African Americans, Migrants, and Refugees Donald M. Kerwin

Articles in Church Life Journal, a journal of the McGrath Institute for Church Life
Black Lives and the Preferential Option for the Poor John Cavadini
Communal Guilt and the Black Catholic Experience in America: An Interview with Fr. Josh Johnson Shaun Blanchard
Human Dignity Is Black Dignity Vincent Lloyd
Max Weber and the Souls of Black Folk Christopher McAuley

Articles from Loyola University New Orleans
The Fear of a Black Ballot Nik Mitchell, PhD
White Dominionism: The Taxonomy of White Radicalism Nik Mitchell, PhD
In Defiance of Hidden Deaths: Black Lives Matter as a living philosophy Nicholas E. Mitchell, P.H.D

Articles in Cross Currents
A World on Fire and Whiteness at the Core Jennifer Harvey
Black Dignity Vincent Lloyd
Can These Black Bones Live? Addressing the Necrotic in US Theo-Politics Antonia Michelle Daymond
Do Black Lives Matter to White Christians? A Theological Reflection in Three Movements Ruben Rosario Rodriguez
When Hope Appeared in Flesh: From Black Power to Barack Obama and the Spirit of the American Jeremiad Terrence L. Johnson

Articles from other sources
Black Jesus matters: Images of a black Christ depict our shared humanity John Christman
Black and Slave: the Origins and History of the Curse of Ham David M. Goldenberg
Violence and Community: Collective and Cultural Trauma in Black America Michael Yu
Defunding Police: Human Dignity and Black Lives Matter Eli McCarthy
The Benefits of Church Involvement for African-Americans Cassandra Chaney
Black and Catholic in America Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
The Abolition of the Slave Trade:Christian Conscience and Political Action John Coffey
War, Religion, and White Supremacy in Comparative Perspective: South Africa and the American South Retief Müller
You Have Created Me Black Eve Pitts, Elaine Foster, Hansa Shah, Victoria Merriman-Johnson, Gwen Caesar
Race War and Negro Demoralization Thomas F. Price, page 89

In A Word Information for and about the African American Catholic community
National Black Catholic Congress
Subcommittee on African American Affairs United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Project Reach Out

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