The Bible

Verbum Domini and the Interpretation of Scripture Mark Kenney SM

The Three Forms of the Word of God Jean Richard MSC

Approaches to the Study of Sacred Scriptures Miriam R. Alejandrino, OSB

The Role of Scripture in the Life and Teaching of the Church Arturo M. Bastes, SVD

The Written Word in the Church Ian Brayley

Social Justice in the Bible Dominik Markl SJ

Historical Interpretation of the Bible Ron Simkins

Biblical Fundamentalism Michael Fallon MSN

Scripture and Vatican II: A Very Incomplete Journey Brendan Byrne SJ

Changing Perceptions of God's Word: Bible Study Since Vatican II Mark O'Brien OP

King James Bible a Masterpiece but Not an Idol Philip Harvey

Scripture and the Word of God Christian W. Troll, S.J.

The Concept of Law in Biblical Narrative Vaidotas A. Vaicaitis

The Triune God as the Unity of Scripture Ricardo Aldana

Living Water: Reading Scripture in the Body of Christ With Benedict XVI Adrian J. Walker

Justice in the Biblical Tradition: A Challenge to the Christian Mission Shirley Lal Wijesinghe

Biblical Pastoral Ministry in Asia-Pacific: Today and Tomorrow Cecilia Chui

Biblical Apostolate in Southeast Asia in the Light of Dei Verbum M. Emmanuel Gunanto, OSU

Multivocality in Group Speech in Biblical Narrative George Savran

The Ascription of Physical Disability as a Stigmatizing Strategy in Biblical Iconic Polemics Saul M. Olyan

Slaughter, Vengeance and the Burning Wrath of God. How "Christian" is the Bible? Martin Kuhrt

"A Word Addressed by God to His People": Benedict XVI and the Interpretation of Sacred Scripture Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

The Old Testament and the New Testament Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Ukrainian Catholic Church Most Rev. Peter Stasiuk, C.Ss.R. DD.

The Bible on History Mark O'Brien OP

Fostering Narrative Approaches to Scripture in Asia: The Primary Task of Explicit Recognition Ma. Marilou S. Ibita

Conflict and Covenant in the Bible Tom Wright

Doing Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation @Home: Ten Years of (South) African Ambivalence Gerald West

Speech-Act Theory and Biblical Interpretation Eugene Botha

The Impact of Christian-Jewish Dialogue on Catholic Biblical Studies Eugene Fisher

An Introduction to the Interpretation of Apocalyptic Literature John W. Carter

The Bible and Tomorrow's World Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham

The Prophetic Word Antonio M. Pernia, SVD

Ancestor Worship - Is It Biblical? Choon Sup Bae, P. J. van der Merwe

Rise of intercultural Biblical exegesis in Africa Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole

Being Biblical? Slavery, sexuality, and the inclusive community Richard A. Burridge

The Kingdom of God is Within You Raymond B. Marcin

The Bible in Time Mark O'Brien OP

Prolegomena to Meaning, or, What Is "Literary" About the Torah? Tod Linafelt

The Importance and Contemporary Relevance of Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Putting the Bible into Perspective: Hicksites and the Theological Treatment of the Bible in Progressive Reform Jody Cross-Hansen

Justice Antonin Scalia Vs. the Postmodern Biblical Critic and Why It Is Not 'Just a Matter of Your Interpretation' Craig A. Parton

Modern Era Marcionism: Critiquing the Sins of Scripture by John Shelby Spong John Makujina, Ph.D.

The Bible and the Blurb Mark O'Brien OP

Exegesis of Biblical Theophanies in Byzantine Hymnography: Rewritten Bible? Bogdan G. Bucur

The Challenge of Canonical Criticism to Background Studies Randy W. Nelson

The Veil of the Temple in History and Legend Daniel M Gurtner

Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament Christians Daniel I. Block

Scripture and the Liturgy: Inseparably United Scott Hahn

Hermeneutics as Cross-Cultural Encounter: Obstacles to Understanding Richard L. Rohrbaugh

Theological Attitudes toward the Scriptural Text: Lessons from the Qumran and Syriac Exegetical Traditions Angela Kim Harkins

Through a Gloss Darkly: Biblical Annotations and Theological Interpretation in Modern Catholic and Protestant English-language Bibles Michael J. McClymond

Biblical Leadership Metaphors and Contemporary Management Theory: OR, St. Paul, Meets Messrs. Bolman & Deal Dr. Kenneth C. Harper

When God Spoke Greek: The Place of the Greek Bible in Evangelical Scholarship Karen H. Jobes

"Will a Man Rob God?" (Malachi 3:8): A Study of Tithing in the Old and New Testaments Andreas J. Köstenberger and David A. Croteau

Through a Gloss Darkly: Biblical Annotations and Theological Interpretation in Modern Catholic and Protestant English-Language Bibles Michael J. McClymond

On the Value of Pre-Modern Interpretation of Scripture for Contemporary Biblical Studies Paul B Decock

In Fear and Great Joy: Forty Years of Feminist Biblical Scholarship Elaine Wainwright RSM

Covenant in the Old and New Testaments: Some Current Research (1994-2004) Scott W. Hahn

Verbum, Theologia et Ecclesia: Some Hermeneutical Reflections and Methodological Considerations towards an Integrated Interpretation of the Bible B Weber

The Bible in the Renaissance: William Tyndale Henry Wansbrough OSB

Liturgy Matters: Liturgy and Scripture as the Mirrors of Catholicity Damien Casey

'Two Guys Go into the Temple. One Says to God' Humour, Scripture, and Christian Discourse James and Kate Williams

Reading Violent Scripture Edward Kessler

The Historical Character of the Biblical Revelation Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

Mother of All the Living: Reinterpretations of Eve in Contemporary Literature M. Doretta Cornell

The Canon as Text for a Biblical Theology James A. Loader

When They, We, and the Passive Become I -- Introducing Autobiographical Biblical Criticism P.J.W. Schutte

Do We Share a Book? The Sunday Lectionary and Jewish-Christian Relations Michael Peppard

Can Catholicism Validate Jewish Biblical Interpretation? Jon D. Levenson

What Can a Catholic Learn from the History of Jewish Biblical Exegesis? Gary A. Anderson

Anti-Judaism in Marcion and his Opponents Joseph B. Tyson

How the Bible Came to Us Henry Wansbrough OSB

The Gift of Scripture Henry Wansbrough OSB

Studies in the Scribal Habits of Codex Sinaiticus Dirk Jongkind

Ignatian Contemplation and Modern Biblical Studies Helmut Gabel

African Hermeneutics: The Current State Louis Krog

Cultural Criticism and Biblical Hermeneutics: Definition, Origins, Benefits, and Challenges Gerald A. Klingbeil

Christian Salvation: Biblical and Theological Perspectives Khaled Anatolios and Richard J. Clifford

Protestant and Jewish Approaches to the Scripture Gregory Mobley

The Moral Authority of Scripture Julian Rivers

How to Read the Bible Revd Dr Ian Paul

Reading the Bible Again with Marcus Borg P.J.W. (Flip) Schutte

Soul and psyche: The Bible in psychological perspective Willem J. Smith

Whose Bible, mine or yours? Contested ownership and Bible translation in Southern Africa Jeremy Punt

Biblical Interpretation John Odendaal

Major Tasks of an Evangelical Hermeneutic: Some Observations on Commonalities, Interrelationships, and Differeneces Richard N. Longenecker

Can the Scriptural World Still Be Our World? Early Millennial Reflections of an Australian Biblical Scholar Brendan Byrne SJ

Amrozi and Luke's Gospel Michael Trainor

Digging for Faith Michael McKinney

Postcolonial biblical criticism in South Africa: some mind and road mapping Eugene Botha

History and Religious Experience in Biblical Research Pieter G.R. de Villiers

The Term Berith (Covenant) in the Historical and Wisdom Books of the Old Testament Silvia Linington

History, Authority, and Interpretation: A Theology of Scripture Bryan Hollon

Indigenous Exegesis: Exploring the Interface between Missionary Methods and the Rhetorical Rhythms of Africa; Locating Local Reading Resources in the Academy Gerald O. West

A Linguistic Approach to Ellipsis in Biblical Poetry: (Or, What to Do When Exegesis of What is There Depends on What Isn't) Cynthia L. Miller

Africa Bible Translators Led to Jesus through Scripture Charles T. Jones

A Meaning Worthy of God: Origen and Biblical Integrity Patrick Gray

Three Debates about Bible and Archaeology Ziony Zevit

From Vulnerable to Venerable: Scriptural Perspectives on Aging and the Elderly Michael Knowles

Some Notes on Defining "Apocalyptic" M. G. Michael

The Exodus in the Christian Bible: The Case for "Figural" Reading Richard J. Clifford

Fr. Sergius Bulgakov (1871-1944): A Study in the Eastern Orthodox Hermeneutical Perspective Alexander I Negrov

Idolatry and spiritual parody: counterfeit faiths Michael Ovey

A Meaning Worthy of God: Origen and Biblical Integrity in a Pre-Constantinian Age Patrick Gray

How May We Speak of God? A Reconsideration of the Nature of Biblical Theology R. W. L. Moberly

God's Communications Design of the Bible Chris Thron

The Bible, Nourishment and Rule of Life Cornelius A. Rijk

Sepphoris James F. Strange

Reading the Bible in Contemporary Africa Fidon R. Mwombeki

Notes on God's Violence Catherine Madsen

Blood & Stone: Violence in the Bible & the Eye of the Illustrator Barry Moser

Gospel and Scripture: Rethinking Canonical Unity Francis Watson

Yesterday, Today, Forever: Time, Times, Eternity in Biblical Perspective Henri Blocher

Mysticism and Scripture: Dialogical Companions Gillian T. W. Ahlgren

Why Participate in African Biblical Interpretation? Vernon K. Robbins

On the Problems of Reconstructing Pre-Hellenistic Israelite (Palestinian) History Niels Peter Lemche

Teaching the Bible through the Internet Ronald A. Simkins

Is the Bible a True Narrative Representation? Steven Collins and John Oller

The Logic of True Narrative Representations Steven Collins and John Oller

Reading Biblical Texts: Truth, Fact, and Myth James W. Aageson

Excerpts from Invitation to the Septuagint Karen H. Jobes

The Battles of Armageddon: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley from the Bronze Age to the Nuclear Age Eric H. Cline

Making Biblical Women Visible Carol L. Meyers

The History of Exegesis and Our Theological Future Michael Cahill

The Nature and Origin of the Bible Howard Taylor

Crossing Biblical Dreams and Contemporary Dreamers Barbara Green

Jubilee and Stewardship or “The Sweetest Sound in All the World” Megan McKenna

Reading the Face of God: The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church Lewis Ayres and Stephen E. Fowl

The City in Biblical Perspective: Failed and Possible Walter Brueggemann

Stepping In / Stepping Out: A Conversation between Ideological and Social Scientific Feminist Approaches to the Bible Alice A. Keefe

Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-29) on the Internet Susanne Scholz

Biblical Texts--Past and Future Meanings Clark H. Pinnock

John Wesley's Concept of Inspiration and Literary-Critical Approaches to Scripture Richard P. Thompson, page 151

Wrestling with the Word William O'Brien

Hope in the Face of Loss Walter Brueggemann

God, the Bible, and Evil after the Holocaust Murray Haar

Angel of the Lord: Messenger or Euphemism? S.L. White

Translating the Bible A.H. Nichols

Approaches to and Images of Biblical Authority for the Postmodern William J. Larkin

Cross-Gender Imagery in the Bible Al Wolter

Prajña Pitha (Seat of Wisdom): Towards a marian formation of the ministers of the word Aloysius Pieris, S.J.

An Example of a 'New Age' Interpretation of the Bible H Christina Steyn

Using the Bible with Integrity Kenneth Cauthen

The Enoch Literature James C. VanderKam

Salvation by Trust? Reading the Bible Faithfully Richard Hays

Authority and Interpretive Method In Luther's Approach to Scripture Mark Thompson

The Book and the Story N.T. Wright

Food in Scripture Margaret Barker

A New Method for Reconstructing Biblical Scrolls Edward D. Herbert

Three Weddings and a Divorce: God's Covenant with Israel, Judah and the Church David Instone Brewer

The Hermeneutical Process of Pentecostal-Type Initiated Churches in South Africa Allan Anderson

The Integrity of the Biblical Canon in Light of Its Historical Development Lee M. McDonald

Reader-Response Criticism and the Allegorizing Reader Michael Cahill

The Bishops, the Bible and Liturgical Language Richard J. Clifford, S.J.

Roots: Biblical Norm or Cultural Anachronism? Michael Schluter

Bible Translation in Africa Ronald J. Sim

Current Issues in Biblical Theology: A New Testament Perspective D. A. Carson

God's Word as the Source of Life: Towards Hong Kong 1996 Geoffrey King, SJ

Choosing a Bible Translation James Akin

The City in the Bible: Implications for Urban Ministry Diane Jacobson

The Bible in Roman Catholicism since Divino Afflante Spiritu John R. Donahue

Interpretation for Christian Ministry Richard Nysse and Donald Juel

Oral Transmission Robert B. Waltz

Cross-Cultural Reading of the Bible Peter Theodore Nash

Bible Study in the Congregation Nancy Koester

Science in the Bible Rolf P. Knierim

Syncretism - The Term and Phenomenon Irina A. Levinskaya

Pleasure: A Biblical Perspective Dorothy A. Lee

Evangelical and Biblical Scholarship, 1945-1992: An Anecdotal Commentary David A. Hubbard

Reading the Bible in the American Context Roy A. Harrisville

Culture, Scripture's Meaning, and Biblical Authority: Critical Hermeneutics for the 90's William J. Larkin

Embracing the Law: A Biblical Theological Perspective Elmer A. Martens

Who Is This God? - Biblical Inspiration Revisited Jeremy Begbie

Israel and the Nations: An Essay in Biblical Theology Charles H.H. Scobie

Spirituality and Scripture: A Jewish View Jonathan Magonet

Exegesis and Homiletics Marie E. Isaacs

Things Old and Things New in Biblical Interpretation John R. Donahue

'To See with the Eyes of the Imagination': Scripture in the Exercises and Recent Interpretation Brendan Byrne

The Canon of Scripture and the Forgotten Books John Barton

Humour and Play: A Biblical Reflection Alice L. Laffey

Interpreting the Bible in India Today George Soares-Prabhu

The Structure of Biblical Theology Charles H.H. Scobie

The Challenge of Biblical Theology (Part 1) Charles H.H. Scobie

Cyril of Jerusalem's Use of Scripture in Catechesis Pamela Jackson

Biblical Interpretation in the Context of Church and Ministry Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

St. Thomas Aquinas and Sacred Scripture John F. Boyle

Scripture and Contemporary Spirituality Leonard Doohan

Dynamic-Equivalence Translations Reconsidered Roger L. Omanson

Dynamic or Formal Equivalence? A Response J.P.M. Walsh

Mental Health in the Bible Daniel J. Simundson

American Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Review Gerald P. Fogarty

Historical Criticism: Its Role in Biblical Interpretation and Church Life Joseph A. Fitzmyer

The New Handmaid: The Bible and the Social Sciences Carolyn Osiek

Five Loaves and Two Fishes: Feminist Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology Phyllis Trible

Contemporary English Translations of Scripture J.P.M. Walsh

Biblical Interpretation in Crisis: On the Question of the Foundations and Approaches of Exegesis Today Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

A Spirituality of Meaningful Experiences: Some Biblical Lessons Elizabeth Bellefontaine

Christian typology: Is It Still Valid? If So, Which Typology? Francesco Rossi de Gasperis

The Fathers of the Church: Some Aspects of the Typological Method Which Are Valid Today Francesca Cocchini

The "Old" and the " New" Covenant (1)- How to Relate the Two Testaments Carmine Di Sante

How a Rabbi Reads the Bible Jonathan Magonet

Reading the Bible in the Struggle for Justice and Peace Christopher Rowland

Sola Scriptura Lloyd Gaston

The Unity and Diversity of God's Covenants Roger T Beckwith

Technical Terms in Biblical Hebrew? Roger W. Cowley

Typology and memorial Sofia Cavalletti

Every Two Minutes: Battered Women and Feminist Interpretation Susan Brookes Thistletwaite

Using Scripture in Prayer and Spiritual Direction Richard M. Gula

The Word of God in the Faith Community Paolo Ricca

Wesleyanism and the Inerrancy Issue J. Kenneth Grider, page 52

Biblical Attitudes to Romantic Love John P. Baker

Inspiration and Criticism: The Nineteenth-Century Crisis Nigel M. de S. Cameron

The Unity of the Testaments Duane A. Priebe

The Crucified Messiah and the Endangered Promises Nils Alstrup Dahl

Magic in the Biblical World Edwin M. Yamauchi

Health and Healing in the Bible Daniel J. Simundson

Sacrifice – Metaphors and Meaning Derek Kidner

Biblical Hermeneutics on the Move Karlfried Froehlich

Mind Reader and Maestro: Models for Understanding Biblical Interpreters Patrick R. Keifert

The Role of Scripture in Times of Crisis Paul D. Hanson

Story and Scripture Darrell Jodock

"And the Lord Said"? Biblical Reflections on Scripture as the Word of God Raymond E. Brown

Women and Ministry in The New Testament Elisabeth M. Tetlow

Exegesis and Imagination Schuyler Brown

Soundings in the Doctrine of Scripture in British Evangelicalism in the First Half of the Twentieth Century David F. Wright

The Value of Apocalyptic Stephen H. Travis

Hebraic Antecedents to the Eucharistic Anamnesis Formula David Gregg

Faith, Hermeneutics, and the Literal Sense of Scripture Sandra M. Schneiders

Prophecy, Inspiration, and Sensus Plenior William Sanford LaSor, Ph.D., Th.D.

The Fallacy of Equating Meaning with the Human Author's Intention Philip B. Payne

The Davidic Promise and the Inclusion of the Gentiles (Amos 9:9-15 and Acts 15:13-18): A Test Passage for Theological Systems Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

The Behavioral Sciences under the Authority of Scripture J. Robertson Mcquilkin

The Targums: Aramaic Versions of the Bible Roger Le Deaut

Reading the Bible in the Midrashic Tradition Ariel Rathaus

What a Christian May Expect from a Jewish Reading of the Bible Marcel Dubois

The Use of Jewish Commentaries for Christian Preaching William L. Weiler

Further Information about Tell Mardikh William Sanford Lasor

The Authority and Meaning of the Christian Canon: A Response to Gerald Sheppard on Canon Criticism John Piper

Towards an Interpretation of Biblical Ethics O. M. T. O'Donovan, M.A., D.Phil.

The Link between People, Land and Religion in Old and New Testaments Clemens Thoma

"Lead Us Not into Temptation" John V. Dahms

Biblical Interpretation and Wesleyan Theology H. Ray Dunning, page 47

Rudolf Bultmann: Removing the False Offense Alfred A. Glenn

Syntax in Exegesis K. L. McKay, M.A., Ph.D.

The Covenant as Giving Expression to the Relationship Between Old and New Testament F. C. Fensham, M.A., Ph.D., D.D.

Typology as a Means of Interpretation: Past and Present Stanley N. Gundry, S.T.M.

The Bible, Nourishment and Rule of Life Prof. C. A. Rijk

Remarks on Several Bibles W. W. Simpson | R. Schimid | A. Roy Eckardt

Ecumenical Editions of the Bible A. K. Willet

The Arnoldshain Symposium W. P. Eckert

Bible Studies in Several Lands The editors | L. Poulin

The Transcendence of God and Biblical Hermeneutics Paul S. Minear

The Biblical Theology of Divorce Bruce Vawter

Symbol, Myth, and the Biblical Revelation Avery Dulles

The Council of Trent and Vernacular Bibles Robert E. McNally

Wealth Derek Kidner

Atonement and Scripture Kenneth F. Dougherty

Personality, Society, and Inspiration Dennis J. McCarthy

An Existential Approach to Sacred Scripture Wenceslaus J. Pilch

A Recent Roman Scriptural Controversy Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Medieval Exegesis Robert E. McNally

The Everlasting Covenant D. F. Payne

Tres Linguae Sacrae in Early Irish Bible Exegesis Robert E. McNally

The Spirit and Tradition D. J. V. Lane

The Concept of Biblical Inspiration David M. Stanley

A Corrected Collation of Codex Zacynthius (Cod 040) J. Harold Greenlee

Paul Tillich and the Bible Avery Dulles

The Senses of Sacred Scripture Edward A. Cerny

On Early Christian Exegesis Walter J. Burghardt

Some Problems of Bible Translation Msgr. Ronald Knox

Thoughts on Bible Translation Msgr. Ronald Knox

The Crooked Serpent F.F. Bruce

The Bible of Theophilus of Antioch Robert McQueen Grant

Lost Books of the Bible Anthony C. Cotter

The Study of Holy Scripture James E. Coleran

The Catholic Church and the Bible Bernard John Otten, SJ, page 121

Hermeneutics Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910

The Elder John, Papias, Irenaeus, Eusebius and the Syriac Translator Benjamin Wisner Bacon

The Bible Catholic Encyclopedia, 1907

Bible Exegesis Jewish Encyclopedia

Messiah Jewish Encyclopedia

Sheol Jewish Encyclopedia

Synagogue Jewish Encyclopedia

The Higher Criticism Albert Barry, C. SS. R., page 159

The Evolution of Our English Bible Rev. G. J. Reid, page 563

Divine Element In Scripture—Revelation Chas. J. Grannafi, page 353

General introduction to the study fo the Holy Scriptures Francis E. Gigot, SS

History of the Text of the Douay Version of Scripture John Henry Cardinal Newman, page 403

The Meaning of Scriptural Numbers Joseph H. Rockwell, S.J, page 178

Recent Phases of Bible Study A. J. Maas, S.J., page 832

A Negative View of the Encyclical ''Providentissimus Deus" A. J. Maas, SJ, page 162

Scripture Poetry Anthony J. Maas, S.J., page 44

Introduction to the Sacred Scriptures Fr. John MacDevitt

On the Use of bel and kardia in the Old and New Testaments D.R. Goodwin

English Translations of the Bible Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

An Introduction to Biblical Genres and Form Criticism Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

Jewish and Christian Bibles: A Comparative Chart Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

Electronic New Testament Educational Resources Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

Methods of Interpreting the Meaning of Bible Passages

A Basic Vocabulary of Biblical Studies For Beginning Students Fred L. Horton, Jr., Kenneth G. Hoglund, and Mary F. Foskett

On the Biblical Canon Kevin P. Edgecomb

Basic Web Sites for Scripture Study Paul Couture, S. S. E.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

The Fathers of the Church on the Bible

EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies

Bible Study notes and Biblical commentaries Professor Tim Bulkeley

Postmodern Bible Dictionary Professor Tim Bulkeley

Biblical Robert I. Bradshaw, B.Sc., C.D.R.S.

The Interactive Bible

Bible Study Fr Tommy Lane, LSS, DD

Words About the Bible Robert Longman Jr.

Biblica Pontifical Biblical Institute

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

Scripture Mennonite Confesion of Faith

Lectio Divina

Praying the Bible Fr Tommy Lane, LSS, DD

The Madaba Map: A Virtual Travel through Holy Places

Shomron (Samaria)

Bank of Catholic Bible Questions Brother Malcolm Melcher, S.C.

Trees in the Biblical Pages

The Olive Tree

Neot Kedumim: The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel Franciscan custody of the Holy Land


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