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Dogmatic Constitution on the Liturgy Vatican II. See Chapter 7: Sacred Art and Sacred Furnishings

Veneration of Holy Images Pope John Paul II

Letter to Artists Pope John Paul II

The Function Of Art Pope Pius XII

Jesus and Mary as Portrayed by Buddhist Artists
  • Mary, Seat of Wisdom
  • The Boy Jesus Teaching in the Temple
  • Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well
  • Jesus Washing the Feet of His Disciples
  • Pietà Lanka

    The origin and the significance of the frescoes paintings in Tel Kabri (N. Israel) in the Middle Bronze Age (MBA) IIB Kostantinos Fergadiotis, page 87

    African Art Elizabeth Adekunle

    Christ in the Works of Two Jewish Artists: When Art Is Interreligious Dialogue Marina S. Hayman

    Brought Down to Earth: An Annunciation for Our Time Gerard J. Hughes

    The Artistry of God Peter Knott SJ

    Outside the frame: Postmodern art Anne Roberts

    Veiled and Unveiled Beauty: The Role of the Imagination in Augustine's Esthetics Marianne Djuth

    The Beauty of the Arts Pontifical Council for Culture

    The Art of Spirituality Donna Noble

    Theologians Adrift in the Sea of Art Andrew Hamilton

    Who is an Author (an Artist)? Davor Dzalto

    Imagenes de Dios en el Camino: Retablos, Ex-Votos, Milagritos, Murals Ana María Pineda

    Epiphanies of Beauty Deacon Keith A. Fournier

    Faust, Art, Religion Kenneth Kierans

    Guadalupe at Calvary: Patristic Theology in Miguel Sánchez's "Imagen de la Virgen María" Timothy Matovina

    A Window upon the World: Engaging with Painting Margaret Wilson

    A New Dialogue So That Art Becomes Again the Document of the Spirit Pontifical Art and Culture Commission

    Art to Help Humankind Cross the "Threshold of Hope" Carlo Chenis

    Christ in the World of Art Alessandro Scafi

    Mortal Beauty: Jesuit Tradition and the Arts Robert J. Barth

    The Graces of Sacred Art and Architecture: Seattle University's Chapel of St. Ignatius Gerald T. Cobb, S.J.

    Religion and the Artist: Introduction to a Poem on Dante Paul Claudel

    The Influence of Jewish Art on the Decoration of the First Christian Basilicas Ursula Schubert

    Art, Faith and Culture P. Solomon Raj

    The Arts and Christian Formation Margaret Woodward

    The Artist from Within Peter Wey

    Art from the Inside: Seeing and Being Mary Simon Corbett

    Completing the Dialogue Margaret Manion

    Christ, Priest and Poet John B. Foley

    Contemplation and the Artist Robert F. McGovern

    The Crucifixions of Marc Chagall: Jesus Crucified and the Martyrdom of the Jewish People Renzo Fabris

    Modern Art and the Sacred: The Prophetic Ministry of Alain Couturier, O.P. Thomas F. O'Meara

    Apocalyptic in Art: The Reredos of the Mystical Lamb, Ghent - Van Eyck's Eschatological Vision and Jewish-Christian Relations Luc Dequeker

    The Witness to Faith given by the Jewish People in Medieval Christian Art Béatrix-Marie de Drée

    Are the Origins of Christian art Jewish? Some Findings at the Dura-Europos Synagogue Joseph Gutmann

    Jewish Elements in Early Christian Iconography Elisabeth Revel-Neher

    The Imago Dei and Christian Aesthetics William A. Dyrness, D.Theol.

    The Visual Arts and the Teaching Church Terrence R. O'Connor

    Art and Scholasticism with Other Essays Jacques Maritain

    Art and Imitation Claude C. H. Williamson, page 45

    Stained Glass Catholic Encyclopedia

    Mosaics Catholic Encyclopedia

    Religious Painting Catholic Encyclopedia

    Ecclesiastical Art Catholic Encyclopedia

    Christian Art Catholic Encyclopedia

    Byzantine Art Catholic Encyclopedia

    Fra Angelico E. Leahy, page 67

    The Pictorial Art of the Catacombs P. L. Connellan, page 575

    Dante's Madonna Francis D. Capitain, page 645

    The Foundation of Esthetics G. H. Joyce, S. J., October issue, p. 37

    Old Testament Subjects in Early Christian Art Rt. Rev. Bobert Seton, page 501

    Catholic Worship and Christian Art Rev. Charles M. Carroll, page 228

    Art and Religion Peter L. Foy, page 405

    Christian Art Cardinal Wiseman, page 353

    Coptic Art of Egypt

    Religious Art: Catholic Teaching down the Centuries Rev. Roger J. Smith

    Meditation with Art Rev. Roger J. Smith

    Andrew Greeley: Erotic Desire in Art: A Catholic Perspective

    Byzantine Catholic Sites

    Icon Painting

    Art as Prayer: A Devotion of Love Bob Gilroy, SJ

    Spiritual Art Can Serve Others Bob Gilroy, SJ

    Creative Preaching through Art: The Dominican Contribution Eleanor Carlo, T.O.P.

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