Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture, and Worship National Conference of Catholic Bishops

Art and Architecture Catholic Liturgical Library

Liturgical Architecture and the Classical Tradition: A Balthasarian Approach Denis R. McNamara

Civic Art and the City of God: Traditional Urban Design and Christian Evangelism Philip Bess

Constructing Ethics and the Ethics of Construction: John Ruskin and the Humanity of the Builder John Matteson

The Graces of Sacred Art and Architecture: Seattle University's Chapel of St. Ignatius Gerald T. Cobb, S.J.

Jewish and Christian Architecture Sofia Cavalletti

The Ancient Cathedrals of Scotland. Part 1 Michael Barrett, OSB, page 1

The Ancient Cathedrals of Scotland. Part 2 Michael Barrett, OSB, page 313

The Ancient Cathedrals of Scotland. Part 3 Michael Barrett, OSB, page 527

Romanesque Churches Jeffery Howe

Gothic Churches Jeffery Howe

Gothic architecture: Barn, Cistercian Abbey of Ter Doest, Lissewege (near Bruges) Jeffery Howe

Church of St. Charles Borromeo, Antwerp Jeffery Howe

17th Century Religious Architecture Jeffery Howe

18th Century Religious Architecture Jeffery Howe

19th Century Religious Architecture Jeffery Howe

20th Century Religious Architecture Jeffery Howe

Vatican City

Medieval Architecture

Medieval Architecture in France

Medieval Architecture of England

Gothic Cathedrals New York Carver

Mexico-Religious Sites Don Mabry

Thais 4000 Years of Architecture

The Wooden Churches of Eastern Europe: An Introductory Survey Andrew Gregorovich

Wooden Architecture of the Ukrainian Carpathians Antin Varyvoda

Coptic Churches in Old Cairo

The Built Environment of American Religion: The State of the Art Peter W. Williams

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Cult of the Martyrs and the Architectural Planning of Basilicas in Roman Africa Robin M. Jensen

Ecclesiological Society

Model Parish Church

Imaginative Use of the Arts: Architectural and Visual Curtis Green


    St. Peter's Vatican City

    St. Peter's Vatican City

    Basilica of S. Maria of the Angels and Martyrs Rome, Italy

    St. Mark's Venice, Italy

    Milan Cathedral

    Basilica of Saint Francis Assisi, Italy

    Basilica of Saint Francis Assisi, Italy

    Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore Florence, Italy

    Basilica of S. Maria Novella Florence, Italy

    Basilica of Santa Croce Florence, Italy

    Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta Orte, Italy

    Basilica di S. Bernardino L'Aquila, Italy

    Cathedral, Pisa Italy

    Cathedral of Notre Dame Chartres, France

    Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris, France

    Cathedral of Notre Dame Le Puy, France

    Amiens, Cathédrale Notre-Dame France

    Évreux, Cathédrale Notre-Dame France

    Reims Cathedral France

    Westminster Cathedral London, England

    Westminster Abbey London, England

    Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool, England

    Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Salisbury, England

    Wells Cathedral England

    Gloucester Cathedral England

    Hereford Cathedral England

    Exeter Cathedral England

    Durham Cathedral England

    Arundel Cathedral England

    Cathedral of St Patrick Armagh, Ireland

    St. Colman's Cathedral Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

    Trier Cathedral Germany

    Cathedral of St. Vitus Prague, Czech Republic

    Gaudi's Grand Cathedral: Temple Sagrada Familia and Its Saintly Architect Stephen Sparrow

    Cathedral of Segovia Spain

    Cathedral of Astorga Spain

    Cathedral of Saint Ansgar Copenhagen, Denmark

    Cathedral of SS Johns Torun, Poland

    Cathedral of St. Basil Moscow, Russia

    Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey

    Christian Sanctuaries of the Holy Land


    Basilica of the Annunciation Nazareth, Israel

    Basilica of St. John the Baptist St. John's, Newfoundland

    Saint Patrick's Basilica Ottawa, Ontario

    St. Patrick's Basilica Montreal, Quebec

    Cathedral of the Holy Cross Boston, Massachusetts

    Basilica of the Sacred Heart Newark, New Jersey

    Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Cleveland, Ohio

    Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains Cincinnati, Ohio

    Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington, DC

    St. Louis Cathedral New Orleans, Louisiana

    Basilica of Esquipulas Guatemala

    Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Christchurch, New Zealand

    St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    St Carthage's Cathedral Lismore, NSW, Australia

    St. Thomas Cathedral Irinjalakuda, India


    The Church of the Three Saints Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

    Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert France

    The Abbey of Conque France

    The Abbey of Montecassino Italy

    San Lorenzo Florence, Italy

    Santo Spirito Florence, Italy

    The Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln Switzerland

    KarlsKirche Vienna, Austria

    Maulbronn Monastery Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    WiesKirche Wies, Germany

    Vera Cruz Segovia, Spain

    Saint Esteban Segovia, Spain

    The Church in Thorn Netherlands

    Archabbey of Pannonhalma Hungary

    Premonstratensian Monastery Strahov, Prague, Czech Republic

    Franciscan Church Plzen, Czech Republic

    St. Bartholomew's Church Plzen, Czech Republic

    St. Nicholas Prague, Czech Republic

    St. Catherine's Monastery Egypt

    Saint Luke Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    St. John's Abbey Collegeville, Minnesota

    St. Benedict's Monastery St. Joseph, Minnesota

    St. Mary of the Visitation Huntsville, Alabama

    St. Procopius Abbey Lisle, Illinois

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