Acts of the Apostles

Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles New American Bible

The Acts of the Apostles Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

The Holy Spirit in Luke/Acts Prof. Felix Just, S.J.

The Acts of the Apostles Henry Wansbrough, OSB

Luke's Social Location of Paul: Cultural Anthropology and the Status of Paul in Acts Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J

General Resources for the Book of Acts

Leadership in Acts through a Social Capital Lens Ian A. Nell

Psalm 118 (117 lxx) in Luke-Acts: Application of a 'New Exodus Motif' Hyuk J. Kwon

The Eschatological Context of Paul's Encounter with the Jewish Community in Rome and Accusations of an Anti-Jewish Bias in Acts Msgr. Richard Henning, STD

Christ, Kingdom and Creation in Luke-Acts Scott W. Hahn

Christ, Kingdom, and Creation: Davidic Christology and Ecclesiology in Luke-Acts Scott W. Hahn

Kingdom and Church in Luke-Acts: From Davidic Christology to Kingdom Ecclesiology Scott W. Hahn

The Descent of the Eschatological Temple in the Form of the Spirit at Pentecost: Part 1: The Clearest Evidence G. K. Beale

The Descent of the Eschatological Temple in the Form of the Spirit at Pentecost: Part 2: Corroborating Evidence G. K. Beale

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts Max Turner

Paul's Conversion and Luke's Portrayal of Character in Acts 8-10 Philip H. Kern

Witnessing to the Gospel in the Acts of the Apostles: Beyond the Conversion or Conversation Dilemma Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Paul's Ecstatic Trance Experience near Damascus in Acts of the Apostles John J. Pilch

Where the Spirit of the Lord Is": God and the Church in the Book of Acts Richard P. Thompson, page 57

The Function of LXX Habakkuk 1:5 in the Book of Acts Robert W. Wall

Mission, Witness, and the Coming of the Spirit Peter T. O'Brien

Purity and Power According to the Acts of the Apostles Robert Wall, page 64

The Church's Progress to the Council of Jerusalem according to the Book of Acts J. Julius Scott Jr.

Jewish Responsibility for the Cross in Luke-Acts Jon A. Weatherly

The Lukan Defense of the Missionary Prisoner Paul Brian Mark Rapske

Interpretation of Luke-Acts and Implications for Jewish-Christian Dialogue Anthony J. Saldarini

God's Faithfulness to the Faithless People: Trends in Interpretation of Luke-Acts Jacob Jervell

Luke-Acts and a Theology of Creation Walter E. Pilgrim

Salvation in Luke-Acts Mark Allan Powell

Acts and the Historical Monograph Darryl W. Palmer

The Importance of Helpers to the Imprisoned Paul in the Book of Acts Brian M. Rapske

The Inscription from Aphrodisias and the Problem of God-Fearers Irina Levinskaya

A Jewish or Gentile Prayer House? The Meaning of Proseukhe Irina Levinskaya

The Book of Acts United Methodist Bishop William R. Cannon

The Speeches of Acts: I -- The Ephesian Elders at Miletus Colin J. Hemer

The Historical Value of Acts W. Ward Gasque

Speeches of Acts II Colin J. Hemer

Person Narrative in Acts 27-28 Colin J. Hemer

Paul's Conversion/Call: A Comparative Analysis of the Three Reports in Acts Charles W. Hedrick

James' Use of Amos at the Jerusalem Council: Steps Toward a Possible Solution of the Textual and Theological Problems Michael A. Braun

The Hope of Israel, The Resurrection of the Dead, and Jesus: A Study of Their Relationship in Acts with Particular Regard to the Understanding of Paul's Trial Defense Robert J. Kepple

Stephen's Speech: A Case Study in Rhetoric and Biblical Inerrancy Rex A. Koivisto

Stephen's Speech: A Possible Model for Luke's Historical Method? J. Julius Scott, Jr.

Paul's Apostolic Self-Consciousness at Athens Edward Fudge

The Resurrection in the Acts of the Apostles I. Howard Marshall

The Acts and The Acts—Some Notes on the Book of Acts in the Second Century A. F. Walls

Peter According to the D-Text of Acts Joseph H. Crehan

The Death of St Stephen P. A. Blair

The Study of the Acts of the Apostles Richard Heard

The Acts of the Apostles Richard Heard

The Speeches in the Acts of the Apostles F.F. Bruce

Acts of the Apostles The Catholic Encyclopedia

Authenticity of the Book of Acts A. J. Maas, S.J., page 225

Examples of Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation in Acts of the Apostles David Charnon

'The Apostles Whom He Chose because of the Holy Spirit': A Suggestion Regarding Acts 1,2 John J. Kilgallen

Multi-Discourse Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation of Acts 1:1-11 Rebecca A. Messerli and Vernon K. Robbins

Peter's Pentecost Sermon: A Limitation on Who May Minister . . . ? Pheme Perkins

'The End of the Earth' (Acts 1:8) E. Earle Ellis

Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Acts 1 and 2 Daryl D. Green

Divine Empowerment: Interpretation Through the Exegesis of Acts 2 Daryl D. Green

Ioudaia in the Geographical List of Acts 2:9-11 and Syria as 'Greater Judea' Martin Hengel

'With many other words' (Acts 2,40): Theological Assumptions in Peter's Pentecost Speech John J. Kilgallen

Hearing Peter's Speech in Acts 3: Meaning and Truth in Interpretation Donald Juel

Habermas' Formal Pragmatics and the Speech Act of St Stephen E Alfred Knight

The Social Setting of Jesus' Exaltation in Luke-Acts (Lk 22:69 and Ac 7:56) Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole

Acts 10 'Peter's encounter with God's Truth in Cornelius' Anglican consultation

The Readings "Ellenas and Ellenistas, Acts xi. 20 B.B. Warfield

Paul's Travels Through Cyprus (Acts 13:4–12) David W.J. Gill

Conversion, Conversation, and Acts 15 Lois Malcolm

The Relationship of Galatians 2:1-10 and Acts 15:1-35: Two Neglected Arguments Robert H. Stein

Reading Acts 16:6-40 on the Edges of the Navajo Reservation Jeffrey L. Staley

The Gospel in Adversity: Reading Acts 16:16-34 in African Context Daniel Rakotojoelinandrasana

Acts 16:25- 40 Anglican consultation

Acts 17:1-9 Anglican consultation

On Introducing Gods to Athens: An Alternative Reading of Acts 17:18-20 Bruce W. Winter

Foreign Gods Identified in Acts 17:18? K.L. McKay

At the Areopagus (Acts 17:22-31): Pauline Apologetics and Lucan Rhetoric Ron Vince

Acts 17, Epicureans and Theodicy: A Study in Stereotypes Jerome H. Neyrey, S.J

Implied Audiences in the Areopagus Narrative Patrick Gray

Notes on Acts 17.16-34 Anglican consultation

Acts 17:16-34. An Apologetic Model Then and Now? Lars Dahle

Luke's Story of Paul in Corinth: Fictional History in Acts 18 Darrell J. Doughty

St. Paul's Handicraft: Acts xviii. 3 Eberhard Nestle

Artemis and Asiarchs: Some Remarks on Ephesian Local Colour in Acts 19 Stephan Witetschek

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye I Say Hello: Paul's Farewell Speech at the Crossroads (Acts 20:17-38) Cynthia Long Westfall

Paul before Agrippa: Acts 26 Anglican consultation

Apostle Paul's Shipwreck Jefferson White

Acts 28,28 -- Why? John Kilgallen

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