Sexual Abuse by Clergy

Substantive Norms Issued by the Vatican, May 2010

Letter to the bishops of the Catholic Church and to the Ordinaries and Hierarchs William Cardinal Levada

The norms of the Motu Proprio "Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela" Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

A brief introduction to the modifications made in the Normae de gravioribus delictis, reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith William Cardinal Levada

Child And Youth Protection United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Theology Coloured by Clergy Sex Abuse Peter Kirkwood

The Clerical Abuse Scandals -- the Future Michael Smith SJ

The significance of the publication of the new "Norms concerning the most serious crimes" Fr. F. Lombardi

Pastoral Letter of Pope Benedict XVI to the Catholics of Ireland

Press Release on the Meeting of Benedict XVI with the Irish Bishops

Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Curia, December 20, 2010

On Scandal and Scandals Brendan Callaghan SJ

Abuse Cases Teach Church Deportment Under Fire Andrew Hamilton

The Apology Benedict Should Have Given Garry Eastman

Press Release of the Holy See Press Office†on the Meeting of the Holy Father, Benedict XVI,†with Representatives of the Irish Episcopal Conference and Senior Officials of the Roman Curia December 2009

Sexual Abuse by Catholic Clergy B.A. Robinson

Meeting of Pope Benedict XVI with the Assembly of First Nations of Canada April 2009

The 'Bad Eggs' of Ireland's Abuse Scandal Frank O'Shea

Roman Polanski and Clergy Sexual Abuse Andrew Hamilton

The Context of Our Sex Abuse Shame Shane Wood

Sexual Abuse and Canon Law Brendan Daly

Interview of the Holy Father Benedict XVI during the Flight to Australia July 2008

Interview of the Holy Father Benedict XVI during the Flight to the United States April 2008

Bishop Robinson Confrontation Leaves Unfinished Business Andrew Hamilton

Twelve Things the Bishops Have Learned From the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis Bishop Blase Cupich of Rapid City, South Dakota

Hiding Weakness No Way to Answer Sex Abuse Charges Andrew Hamilton

Confront Sexual Abuse, Don't Manage It Geoffrey Robinson

Freedom of the Press and Catholic Social Thought: Reflections on the Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church in the United States David E. Decosse

The Bishop's Alter Ego:† Enterprise†Liability and the Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Scandal Stephen M. Bainbridge†and Aaron H. Cole

The Waterloo for the So-Called Church Autonomy Theory: Widespread Clergy Abuse and Institutional Cover-Up Marci A. Hamilton

Address of Benedict XVI to the Irish Bishops on their ad Limina visit October 2006

The Abuse of Minors: A Cinema Resource Peter Malone MSC

Address of His Holiness John Paul II to the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Atlanta and Miami (U.S.A.) on Their "Ad Limina" Visit April 2004

Interesting Statistics Affecting the Priesthood and the Faith National Institute for the Renewal of the Priesthood

Spiritual Direction and Survivors of Sexual Abuse Beth Crisp

Forum: Crisis in the Church. Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education , 2004
  • Education in a Church in Crisis David O'Brien
  • Answering the Earthquake: Jesuit Education and the Sexual Abuse Crisis Thomas G. Plante
  • Teaching the Crisis Paul Lakeland
  • What American Catholics Think About the Scandal William Barnett, Robert F. Kelly, and William C. Rinaman
  • A Call for Outrage Mark L. Chapman
  • It's Not a Perceived Crisis Joe Cirincionne
  • Questions of Justice Mary Ann A. Donnelly
  • Do the Bishops Really Know Natural Law? Eileen P. Flynn
  • Tapping Boston's Talent James F. Keenan, S.J.
  • Examine the Competing Claims William Madges
  • The Best Defense is More Speech Bren A. O. Murphy
  • Reform Structures, Focus on the Evidence Thomas P. Rausch, S.J.
  • A Double Crisis of Faith and Leadership Diana L. Hayes

    Clergy Sexual Abuse: New Paradigms for Healing Phil Riordan

    Rights of Accused Priests Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

    Crisis in the Church Articles in the National Catholic Reporter

    Truth and Silence: Learning from Abuse Gill Goulding

    Address of John Paul II to the American Cardinals April 2002

    Jacques Maritain on the Church's Misbehaving Clerics Bernard Doering

    Steps Towards Justice in Relation to Clerical Child Sexual Abuse Sťamus O' Gorman SJ

    Why? St. Petersburg Times

    A Case in Point John-Baptiste Bornand

    The Bishops and the Vatican Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ

    Religious Life Without Integrity: The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church Barry M Coldrey, Ph D

    Church Responses to Pedophilia Norbert J. Rigali

    Authority: The Sources of Abuse David Lonsdale

    Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

    Survivors First

    Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute Resource for survivors of abuse in the Eastern Rite churches, both Orthodox and Catholic

    Clergy and Educator Abuse Survivors Empowered

    Clergy Sexual Abuse in Australia

    Abuse by Clergy FAQs FaithTrust Institute

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