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"Dear young people, I have asked you to be 'prophets of life and love.' I also ask you to be 'prophets of joy': the world must recognize us by our ability to communicate to our peers the sign of a great hope which has already been fulfilled: Jesus, who for our sake died and rose again."

Pope John Paul II,
1996 World Youth Day Message

Pope Francis: World Youth Day Messages

Pope Benedict XVI: World Youth Day Messages

Pope John Paul II: World Youth Day Messages

Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth National Council of Catholic Bishops

To the Young Adults of the Catholic Church in New Zealand Bishops of New Zealand

Young People Searching for Self Paul Andrews

Right and Wrong, Teen Style James Di Giacomo

Young People and Spiritual Awareness Paul Hamill

The Need to Belong Marianne Loranger

The Outsiders Peter McVerry

Pluralism and Others Vince Murray

Faith Among Adolescents: Joining, Drifting, Searching, Owning John S. Nelson

Teenage Spirituality--An Oxymoron? William O'Malley

The Adolescence of Jesus and Growing Up in Christ John Pridmore

Young People and Spiritual Awareness Anne Stewart

Modern Youth and Prayer John Dalrymple

Young Pilgrims: In Search of Treasure Ancient and New Anthony Cleary

Modern Youth and the Search for God Francis Martin

Being a Yong Adult Today: Frustration or Opportunity? Graham Neist FMS

Claremont Program Takes Dramatic Approach To Develop Teen Leadership Tracy Schier

Helping Young People Examine the Relationship between Faith and Vocation Tracy Schier

Leaders' Perspectives on Youth and Youth Ministry: Insights and Discoveries Anne E. Streaty Wimberly

Inviting and Initiating Youth into a Life of Discipleship Malan Nel

Religious Identity of Young Australian Maronite Adults Margaret Ghosn MSHF

A Spectral View of Contemporary Australian Youth Paul Tyson

Healing the Wounded Adolescent Mary Eastham

Its Not Just Me Out There: Type A Pilgrims at World Youth Day Richard Rymarz

Being Evangelised by the Young Damian Cassidy, O.Carm

Source of Great Hope and Intense Sorrow: The Youth Situation in Papua New Guinea and the Response of the Catholic Church Alfred Maravilla, SDB

Youth Ministry in a World of Diversity: The International Research Project On Youth Spirituality Paul McQuillan

Vanishing Youth? Solidarity with Children and Young People in an Age of Turbulence Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Sustainable Youth Ministry: Exploring the Role of the Spirit Daniel Ang

Raising America's Youth: UrbanFuture as a Model for Social Reform Joseph Eble

A Youthful Community: Theological and Ministerial Challenges Gary Riebe-Estrella

Spiritual Journeys in Young Adulthood Bronwyn Dekker, Julie McCoy, Duke Badger, Cathie Stone, Damien Murtagh

Mix Ruth Connelly

Teenagers and the Need for Transcendence Mariangela Sullivan

American youth and the process of social change: a sociological reflection Victor Ferkiss

American youth and the institutional church: a pastoral reflection J. Whitney Evans

A response to "American youth and the institutional church" Daniel L. Lowery

Crisis of faith and youth Gabriel Moran

Steady Dating Among Adolescents John R. Connery

The Youthful Heart Cardinal Yves Congar, O.P.

Home for Good Mother Mary Loyola

Jesus of Nazareth: The Story of His Life Written for Children Mother Mary Loyola

The Child of God: What Comes of Our Baptism Mother Mary Loyola

Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project: A Revitalized Approach Meets Youth Needs Mark Yaconelli


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International Young Catholic Students

Catholic Youth Network

Catholic Youth Ministry Central

Youth Apostles

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